Friday, December 26, 2008

I have to say.. I really truely love Etsy.. however... over the course of 2 months, I have had a couple sellers that really flaked out on me. Etsy doesn't allow a "bad trader/seller" list as it is considered "calling out".. But.. nothing says I cannot list it here right??

So.. the first trader made good with my trade items.. She redeemed herself by adding a few extras to the package which was a nice gesture. She also made sure to let me know that the package was mailed and gave me a tracking number.. So.. I will not list her here because she did end up making good even though it was 64 days before I got my items..

The second trader.. I have no problem mentioning her here.. TRADERS BEWARE!! holidayprimitives is a BAD BAD BAD trader.. I have tracked almost all her feedback only to find that her items are NEVER recieved in less than 3 to 4 weeks. I have been waiting 19 days. The only contact she has made was after I filed a complaint with Etsy. And that was just to say.."It was mailed.. I can't control the post office".. Well... Seems all her packages are delayed by the post office. Apparently they don't like her because they keep holding her packages for 3 weeks.. LOL So.. Please.. if you trade with her, DO NOT SEND ITEMS TO HER UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOURS.. It is not cool to have to say that, but.. she is rude and others need to know that she doesn't seem to care about her customers..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hi all.. Here are a few banners I have whipped together for Tamaras Etsy store.. She is just getting back to starting up.. YAY for Tamara..Here is her link, so go to Etsy and check her out and watch for new creations....
Okay.. Here it is.. Let me know what you think. For a starter, it isn't to bad.. I think it is kinda cute.. LOL
Here is a second one..
third one..
Details.. Font.. Lynda thin size 24 Western Bold

Friday, December 19, 2008

I wanted to share with you all.. I have been in love with "Moo Cards" forever. Cute.. And a great addition to packages.. If don't properly, you could use them as a cute hang tag on your products after they are wrapped in tissue paper and such..

Anyway.. I found a gal on Etsy ..... ..... that designs them as a standard postcard...There are 10 designs on the card and you have them printed and cut them yourself.. A utility knife and ruler would work perfectly. Well.. I purchased her listing and she was sooo fast.. Bought it one day.. the next I had my proof and got my final design today.. NICE!!! I figure I will order them from Vistaprint since that is where I get my business cards..

So.. If you are thinking of having moo type cards, check her out.. You can get 1000 of them for way less than the price of 100. You just need to ues a little elbow grease.. LOL

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wild Honeysuckle

Hot Chocolate Milk

Lemon Lime

Dragons Fire

Here are my latest soaps.. They all are to die for and are all in my Etsy store.. There is a link to the left if you are interested.. Lots of goodies to see there.. Okay.. Back to the soap pot.. I have Nag Champa and Victorian Rose cooking.. LOL

So.. coming up I have Victorian Rose, Nag Champa, Storm Watch, and Amber Musk.. YUMMY bunch of soaps for ya.. Most will be ready on Monday.. I am hoping to get soaping time tomorrow.. I have some fragrance that smells just like the wintermint lifesavers that I would like to get made up. That one is my all time FAVORITE.. YUM!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

So.. as you know i am picking up my new ride today.. YAY!!! About time too.. so.. I thought I would post a picture for you all to enjoy.. Here she is..

Course if they would move that darned Escalade, you could see her better.. LOL

Okay.. seriously.. I am going to pick up my new car today. I have this thing for not being willing to spend all that money for a "brand newoff the lot" vehicle.. I just think it is a waste of money.. You drive it off the lot and immediately lose $3000.00 on its value.. I think it is just plain dumb.. Anyway.. I finally decided... I am signing the papers on a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan STX at 10 am.. It is going to be great to be driving my own vehicle again.. The kids car is just to damn small...

I will take some pictures and post them after i pick it up..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OMG!! I have to share what I ordered for the kids for Christmas... You are just going to die.... LOL My eldest wanted a sock monkey for so long.. I could have made them, but why when I found this wonderful seller on ETSY... Yep.. You cannot get any better than these..

Pictures are copyrighted to puncezilla (please do not use them as your own)

So.. The top one with the blue hair is for Brittni.. The one with the lightest hair (middle 2nd photo) is for Katie since she is blonde.. Coutrney is getting red/orange haired one(first in second photo) since she is my Earthy girl.. and Macky is getting the bright one with the red hair( last one in second photo). That one just suits her.. LOL So there you have it.. You have got to order one of these.. I bought the first one and then thought to ask if she did customs.. Yep.. she was incredible about making the other 3 for me and her shipping was sooo freaking fast.. Holy crap... They were here weeks before I expected them...

Here is her link...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

i am in the final phase of my wax and wick testing. I have it perfect now.. LOL YAY!!! I plan to have some up in my Etsy store (link on sidebar) this weekend. I made a ton on them. Some are left overs from a custom order I did. Guess I measured a bit off.. LOL

For candles coming up I have Patchouli, Sandalwood, Blueberry muffin, strawberry, storm watch, dragons blood, vanilla sugar cookie, orange enlighten, enlighten, orange creamsickle, spiced apple, butter creme, and cranberry.. They all smell so yummy..

I did a custom for 10 each of strawberry, cranberry, butter creme, spiced apple, blueberry muffin, vanilla sugar cookie, and orange enlighten. $420.00 total, so I probably made about $325.00 after supplies but before the time it took to make and label them. I was pleased.. LOL

I did get my Peach Passion and Papaya Waterlily with safflower soaps listed today. The papaya waterlily smells so heavenly.. I cannot compliment it enough.. Safflower is supposed to be good for fevers and menstrual cramps.. Hmm.. I will have to try it out. LOL

The peach passion is much lighter than I intended, but still smells great. Just lighter than I normally scent them. This will be good for those who do not like strong fragrances.

Keep watching for new products. I have some of my solid lotion sticks, lip balms, lip tints, and solid perfume coming up soon.. i am also working on getting some room sprays and body sprays up. Gota get moving with christmas coming up so fast.. LOL

Update.. No new car yet. I am being told that I am to picky, but.. I just want the right vehicle.. Wish I had the money to by a hybrid, but htat just isn't in the cards with our other plans..

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New soaps almost ready for selling... I have been sniffing them all night. LOL All of them should be ready by next week. The Peach Passion will be ready Friday, but prolly won't list it until this weekend. I am hoping to get some others made up this weekend. I only have a few weeks left before Christmas and I have 22 gift baskets to make up for family and friends. Just plain not enough time..

Dragons Fire, Milk Chocolate, Wild Honeysuckle, Lemon Lime, Peach Passion and Papaya Waterlily with safflower petals are the ones that are close to being ready..

I have Patchouli, Nag Champa, Sandalwood, and a few others that will be ready the following week. I am trying to get so that I have 5 or 6 soaps ready each week. If anyone has a request, just give a shout. I would be happy to make some for ya..

Okay.. I am off to bed. Lots of stuff on my plate for tomorrow. I gotta get on the ball and get a vehicle by next weekend. Driving the kids car is making me crazy. It is a nice car, but so inconvenient having to "share".
Okay.. so I am now back from test driving a couple more cars.. Here are the results.

Ford Escape. Uncomfortable leather seats and my cheeks were frozen within minutes. It will take forever for them to heat up.. Driver compartment very narrow. I felt a bit trapped. Back seat not spacious enough, but better than the Jeep Liberty. No go on this one..

Jeep Liberty.. Nice.. Very nice.. Roomy front, but the backseat was compacted. The gadgets are fantastic.. Pleasant dash gadgets. Driver seat super comfy, but passenger and backseats were like sitting on plywood.. Wonderful get up and go and the stereo system rocks! Overall.. Much better than the Escape but still not spacious enough.. No go on this one..

Dodge Nitro.. Ahh.. I am not even sure how to describe this one.. I thought I liked how it looked but the more I looked, the less I liked. It was uncomfortable and boxy.. It didn't have great get up and go, but not horrible either. It was just plain to alien looking for me. It was just not what I had hoped. No go on this one..

Buick Rendezvous.. YUCK!! Just plain YUCK.. It looks good, but.. I just can't even come up with one thing I liked about it. No go on this one..

So.. I have a few more up for tomorrow.. Will update you all then.. I am off to get supper started. Talk about a late dinner.. LOL

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Okay.. So it is official.. My insurance adjuster has been and gone. Totaled out my van. :( But it is not so bad. Good news is that I get a new vehicle, bad news is I have no idea what to buy. I would love to by a Ford Escape Hybrid, but wow.. those are so expensive. I really didn't want to have another full payment. I just wanted to pay my van off and live a couple years debt free. ya know.. Extra cash each month would have been great.

My second choice is a 2005 Jeep Liberty.. Very nice. Not great gas mileage, but not horrible either.

Third choice.. another Chrysler Town & Country.. the 2005 model is nice.

Both the second and the third aren't to bad in price. My payments would stay the same as they are now, but would be another 2 years worth.

What to do is driving me up a wall.. Not to mention after all is said and done, I am not getting crap for my van..

$500.00 deductible
$2567.00 owed on my loan
$900.00 to buy back my van (to be fixed using another van that has rear end damage)
$1108.00 left for a down payment on another vehicle..

Not cool at all...

Paul wants to fix my van eventually and use it as a parts runner. Course.. I could make him fix it for me and I would have my car back, but... then I don't have the excuse to get a new one.. LOL

Friday, November 28, 2008

So.. I am hoping that you all had a great Thanksgiving.. Mine was fantastic for the most part. No family drama, good food and lots of love.. However, on my way home, I had a bit of a mishap.. Well.. more like a freaking crash! I was about 15 minutes away from my Grandpas and a deer.. more like a 150 pound 6 point buck decided to run in front of my van (loaded with all 4 girls) I might add. ARG!! It was so freaking scary.. I was just like... "oh shit!!" What the heck do you do.. Not a darn thing. You don't swerve and hit it head on.. thankfully everyone was okay. Well.. not everyone.. The buck died, but he was so messed up. I figured he flew about 30 feet, but the officer measured and says it was more like 50 feet. This is based on the location of all my debris and where the deer was. I hit the poor thing at 55-60 mph. Officer also says it was closer to 60 based on the distance of my skid marks, but we settled for 55. Which is probably pretty close. I figure I may have been speeding prior to seeing them, but slowed down at first sighting..

I had to go in to work today for a while to get things taken care of. I called my insurance agent only to discover he had the day off and will not be in until Monday.. So.. I called the main office and they told me they would have someone there on Tuesday to take assessment. Okay.. so how about my rental car.. Guess what.. I do not have rental car on my policy.. I have full freaking coverage, but no rental car benefit?? WTF!! It is an add on?? That would have been handy to know.. Jerks.. So.. I go to rent a car with the company credit card only to be told that they cannot use it because my name is not on the card.. again I say.. WTF!! So.. I hand her my debit card and she says oh.. well you know.. if you use this card, we will put a hold on $500.00 and then when you return the car, we will also charge the full amount to it. But dn't worry.. you will get hte original $500.00 refunded 4 days after you bring the car back.. AGRG!!! Are you freaking kidding me??? So.. I left super pissed off.. I don't have a car.. Well.. I have my daughters car, but then she has no car.. It will take a good 2 weeks for all the body repair.. Not to mention the possible tranny damage.. Just fricking great right.. Tis the stinking season..

So.. all that aside.. I must have stiffened up at impact and slilpped a disc in my neck. I can't lift my right arm higher than my chest without having sharp pains down my side.. John.. Gotta love John.. Dear friend is a Chiropractor. He stopped by today and checked me over.. Adjusted my neck and shoulders. He has me on an ice routine. But.. It still hurts like heck. Now my lower back is starting to ache. John told me that by tomorrow afternoon I will likely be down for the count. As my body completely relaxes (takes a few days after a traumatic incident apparently), I will feel more pain and aches.. Great fun.. Shot the hell out of my black Friday shopping.. Darnit!! I love having that excuse to spend the day shopping.. But.. I dont' think I would have been able to do it anyway. Someone would have bumped me and I would have probably passed out fromt he pain.. LOL

Okay.. So I am off to bed and I am going to leave you all some pictures to browse..
As always.. Hugs and love..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Have I ever told you all that I really have no life outside of work and my family.. LOL I have the whole Saturday night to myself and what do I do? I stay home and make soap. How sad is that.. LOL

Tonight I made 5 batches.. I am testing some new scents and I just love them.

batch 1.. Dragons fire.. It's so multi faceted you will find layers of musks, ambers, a touch of patchouli, nag champa, cedars to warm and enhance this exotic fragrance, and much more.

Batch 2.. Milk Chocolate.. oh how yummy this smells!!

Batch 3.. Wild honeysuckle.. Man.. I really love honeysuckle, but his wild scent is to die for.. I am not big on florals, but this one is right on the money..

Batch 4.. lemon lime. Makes me want to put it "in the coconut and twist it all up".. LOL.. LOL

Batch 5.. Papaya Waterlily.. I added safflower petals to this one.. It is by far my favorite of the night. What a fantastically clean fruity scent.. I just love it. I will be saving a few of these bars for myself..

Now that it is 1:30 in the morning, I need to get to bed. I have to get up early and get some patches sewn on Soldier Nicks class A's..

Night all.. Hope you all had a great night.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have been super busy all weekend making soap and firestarters. I have uploaded a bunch of them into my etsy store. I have vanilla coffee scrub soap, juniper breeze with poppy seeds, melon shea butter soap, fruit blast soap, herbal peppermint lavener soap.. Just all kinds.. I even have one that smells exactly like a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie.. YUM!!

I added some pictures below of my firestarters. The reddish ones are a mulberry blend that smells like the holidays.. LOL The whiter ones are white tea. What a nice delicate scent. Sood thin I like it cause I have 12-8 ounce bottles of it to use up.

Nothing much happened this weekend. The older kids were both at friends houses for basically the whole weekend. Brittni is out at a buck Cherry concert tonight. Shoudl be a great concert. Macky and Katie spent the day getting all sugared up with Pops.. He has a way of winding them up and sending them home. One day I will have paybacks.. LOL

Okay. So enough rambling. Go check out my store and I am off to bed. Hugs

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I couldn't stand it. I went to the office and got my camera. I wanted to share the pictures of my labels so you could see how they turned out. Even the imperfections are cool. A couple of them ripped and I thought they were ruined. But.. It just added character to each one. Enjoy

I had a stupendously long night last night. I made potion labels in 3 different sizes, gave both dogs a bath, did the dreaded dishes and laundry.. sigh... But.. I got confirmation that LJ received the shawl I crocheted for her. It is lovely and sooo stinking soft.. I loved making it.It was made with 3 different colored alpaca yarns. Anyone who has worked with alpaca yarn knows its a bit fibery and likes to shed, but it is sooooo worth it. I am glad she liked it..

Friday, November 07, 2008

So I decided to get a bit creative tonight. I am crafting for a future Harry Potter Craft Swap. I decided to make some labels for my bottles and figured i would share them all with you. I do not have pictures of the finished project since I left my camera at the office, but here is what I did..
1. print out your labels on white or cream paper. I just used regular printer paper.
2. Brew some really strong black tea. You can use coffee too if you want.
3. Crinkle up your paper and then flatten it out again.
4. lay your paper on a cookie sheet and pour your brewed coffee or tea onto the paper and let it soak a few minutes.
5. Take your paper out of the cookie sheet and let it dry. Air drying takes to long, so I use the fan or a hair dryer.. LOL
6. If it isn't dark enough for you, redo the process until it is.
7. Get some clear acrylic sealer in the craft department. I use the stuff that is made to preserve maps and spray it on your dried paper. I like to use 3 coats, but use your own judgment. The sealer comes in matte or gloss finish. I got the matte finish and will test it out. I may get some gloss too just to see what I like better.
8. Let dry completely and cut out. Use a glue stick to adhere it to your bottles or jars.
Okay.. Now that is said.. Here are the labels. You are welcome to print them out, alter them or whatever you want to do. But.. Please do not sell them. These are created for free and I would like to keep them that way.

So I am completely late on posting pitures of Halloween this year, but here are a few. My darlings were smashing.. Macky and Katie had a blast. We went to Trick or treat Street. The businesses in the city put it on every year. Long lines and not real fun, but the kids like it.. LOL Here are pictures of the waiting and primping in line.. LOL

We stopped at Kevins house. Kevin is a long time aquaintance turned friend. He also is one of our tow truck drivers.. Anyway.. He turned his deceased neighbors house into a haunted house. It was stinkin' great! Scared the crap out of me with his nephew. This nephew is taking after his father and uncle.. I swear they live for scaring hte wits out of me.. LOL Great fun!! So.. Now that the holidays are over, it is time for me to finally get going on Christmas.. I really gotta get moving or I am going to be one of those Christmas Eve shoppers. I really hate it too.. I am generally finished by now.. I have barely started.. Have a great day to all.. I am off to work.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Here is the soap I made yesterday all cut and ready for curing. The ones in the back are the hot process, so they will be ready to go in a couple days. I ran out of olive oil, so I went and picked some up today. Might make me a couple batches tonight, but not sure. Kinda tired.. LOL

Saturday, October 04, 2008

So.. WE had a great day. Busy, but great. Brittni had her Senior year powder puff football game today for Homecoming. Seniors kicked Butt... LOL They won 58 to 14. Yay Seniors.. Here are a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure.. LOL Brittni is #34 wearing red pants..
Here is the whole senior team that showed up.. We call these two "B squared" LOL Both are Brittnis (different spellings though) and if you want them both to turn around you have to holler B-squared or you are likely not to get either of them to turn.. My Brittni is holding Delilah the cutest BB Puppy..

Now after a busy day of football, and transporting kids, what better way to celebrate than to make soap right... So....

Here is my first batch of the day. Pumpkin Pie.. Oh how I love that scent.. I just dream of the scent, but can you believe that I cannot eaat a pumpkin pie to save my soul. I don't think I have ever really liked it either. But it sure does smell good..
Here it is after about 2 hours in the mold. I added a touch of cinnamon to the top just to give it some edge.. LOL Looks good doesn't it?.?.?.
Okay.. So this is a really yummy Apple Spice soap that was cold process until that darn rice-ing problem happened.. So.. I hot processed it and it still smells heavenly.. It is the 1st rice-ing in a while. Talk about piss a person off...ARG!!! I decided to put wax paper over it to smooth it sown and it stuck to it. Frack!! So I left it on until it was cooler and pulled the paper off. Not bad. It didn't turn out as smooth as I would have liked, but better t han nothing I guess..

Here is a yummy smelling double broiler hot process soap that is higly scented in Hot Apple Pie. YUM YUM YUM... It did not start out to be hot process, however, the fragrance caused it to rice, so I figured to heck with it.. Lets just cook it.. 2nd one of the day that did that. I am wondering if it is the apple fragrances or what???Did I mention I really hate hot process.. LOL
In the pot...
in the mold...
And here is the last batch for tonight.. Honeydew. Beautifully colored in green. It will be darker when it cures, but I wish it would stay this color. Stunning and it smells GREAT!! And the best part.. It didn't rice on me.. YAY!!!
And here it is in the gel stage...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good morning!! Well.. almost afternoon.. LOL So.. I have unmolded my soaps and have them cut and ready to cure. This will take about 5 weeks of drying time. They smell heavenly. I will have to up my recipe size. They are still not the size i need them to be, but heck.. that is what testing is all about. LOL

I will probably use these as sample packs. You know.. 3 or 4 smallers bars wrapped together so sample the different recipes.. Anyway. Please disregard the jars of Salsa I canned.. And also disregard the Smirnoff Ice bottles in the background.. LOL Those were not mine.. Honest.. I am going to use them with a corked top to store my Kombucha tea.. LOL Seriously.. I am really not joking.. LOL

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Okay. so it is a late night tonight. I made up 3 batches of soap and I promised to take pictures this time.. LOL

So.. My first batch seized up on me. Darned if I was so po'ed.. I frigging hate it. It was going so well. Then I added a new fragrance oil and wouldn't you know... So.......I rebatched it and made it into hot process. I am not so fond of hot process. The bars just never seem to get completely solid. I mean they are solid, but never super hard like my cold process bars are.. Anyway.. Here is a picture..It smells like wine and is so fragrant...

Okay.. So next up was sandalwood honeysuckle.. It went perfectly. Didn't fill my new mold as I had hoped. I miscalculated how much it would hold, but... Still a nice soap. picture is one right after the pour and covered with saran wrap to minimize the ash.. The second picture is in the gel stage. Notice the creamy edges. Almost a full gel at this point. YAY!!! It also smell heavenly.

Now for my favorite.. This one is scented with coconut fragrance and has a ton of calendula petals in it. WOW!!! Doesn't it look great in the mold. It is going to be sooo wonderful. I didn't use any color in the sandalwood or the coconut.. Those will be naturally a yellowish due to the fragrances..

So.. I will make another 4 or 5 batches tomorrow. I want to get some Neroli made up. To many requests to pass on it this time.. LOL And please disregard the priority mail tape.. LOL I couldn't find the stupid masking tape anywhere. Darn kids took it.. I know they did.. LOL

I also took a picture of some of the veggies and such I have been canning.. Plugging away to get ready for winter. I will get the pumpkin butter done sometime next weekend. Ignore the soap molds on top of them and the mess around them.. LOL I have been trying to get so much done and I really gotta learn to put stuff away as I go..

Now. Here is my Kombucha tea brewing. I couldn't remember if i posted pictures of it, so here it is just in case.. Yummy stuff... Notice the babies growing on top while the mommys are below them..