Saturday, December 06, 2008

i am in the final phase of my wax and wick testing. I have it perfect now.. LOL YAY!!! I plan to have some up in my Etsy store (link on sidebar) this weekend. I made a ton on them. Some are left overs from a custom order I did. Guess I measured a bit off.. LOL

For candles coming up I have Patchouli, Sandalwood, Blueberry muffin, strawberry, storm watch, dragons blood, vanilla sugar cookie, orange enlighten, enlighten, orange creamsickle, spiced apple, butter creme, and cranberry.. They all smell so yummy..

I did a custom for 10 each of strawberry, cranberry, butter creme, spiced apple, blueberry muffin, vanilla sugar cookie, and orange enlighten. $420.00 total, so I probably made about $325.00 after supplies but before the time it took to make and label them. I was pleased.. LOL

I did get my Peach Passion and Papaya Waterlily with safflower soaps listed today. The papaya waterlily smells so heavenly.. I cannot compliment it enough.. Safflower is supposed to be good for fevers and menstrual cramps.. Hmm.. I will have to try it out. LOL

The peach passion is much lighter than I intended, but still smells great. Just lighter than I normally scent them. This will be good for those who do not like strong fragrances.

Keep watching for new products. I have some of my solid lotion sticks, lip balms, lip tints, and solid perfume coming up soon.. i am also working on getting some room sprays and body sprays up. Gota get moving with christmas coming up so fast.. LOL

Update.. No new car yet. I am being told that I am to picky, but.. I just want the right vehicle.. Wish I had the money to by a hybrid, but htat just isn't in the cards with our other plans..

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New soaps almost ready for selling... I have been sniffing them all night. LOL All of them should be ready by next week. The Peach Passion will be ready Friday, but prolly won't list it until this weekend. I am hoping to get some others made up this weekend. I only have a few weeks left before Christmas and I have 22 gift baskets to make up for family and friends. Just plain not enough time..

Dragons Fire, Milk Chocolate, Wild Honeysuckle, Lemon Lime, Peach Passion and Papaya Waterlily with safflower petals are the ones that are close to being ready..

I have Patchouli, Nag Champa, Sandalwood, and a few others that will be ready the following week. I am trying to get so that I have 5 or 6 soaps ready each week. If anyone has a request, just give a shout. I would be happy to make some for ya..

Okay.. I am off to bed. Lots of stuff on my plate for tomorrow. I gotta get on the ball and get a vehicle by next weekend. Driving the kids car is making me crazy. It is a nice car, but so inconvenient having to "share".
Okay.. so I am now back from test driving a couple more cars.. Here are the results.

Ford Escape. Uncomfortable leather seats and my cheeks were frozen within minutes. It will take forever for them to heat up.. Driver compartment very narrow. I felt a bit trapped. Back seat not spacious enough, but better than the Jeep Liberty. No go on this one..

Jeep Liberty.. Nice.. Very nice.. Roomy front, but the backseat was compacted. The gadgets are fantastic.. Pleasant dash gadgets. Driver seat super comfy, but passenger and backseats were like sitting on plywood.. Wonderful get up and go and the stereo system rocks! Overall.. Much better than the Escape but still not spacious enough.. No go on this one..

Dodge Nitro.. Ahh.. I am not even sure how to describe this one.. I thought I liked how it looked but the more I looked, the less I liked. It was uncomfortable and boxy.. It didn't have great get up and go, but not horrible either. It was just plain to alien looking for me. It was just not what I had hoped. No go on this one..

Buick Rendezvous.. YUCK!! Just plain YUCK.. It looks good, but.. I just can't even come up with one thing I liked about it. No go on this one..

So.. I have a few more up for tomorrow.. Will update you all then.. I am off to get supper started. Talk about a late dinner.. LOL

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Okay.. So it is official.. My insurance adjuster has been and gone. Totaled out my van. :( But it is not so bad. Good news is that I get a new vehicle, bad news is I have no idea what to buy. I would love to by a Ford Escape Hybrid, but wow.. those are so expensive. I really didn't want to have another full payment. I just wanted to pay my van off and live a couple years debt free. ya know.. Extra cash each month would have been great.

My second choice is a 2005 Jeep Liberty.. Very nice. Not great gas mileage, but not horrible either.

Third choice.. another Chrysler Town & Country.. the 2005 model is nice.

Both the second and the third aren't to bad in price. My payments would stay the same as they are now, but would be another 2 years worth.

What to do is driving me up a wall.. Not to mention after all is said and done, I am not getting crap for my van..

$500.00 deductible
$2567.00 owed on my loan
$900.00 to buy back my van (to be fixed using another van that has rear end damage)
$1108.00 left for a down payment on another vehicle..

Not cool at all...

Paul wants to fix my van eventually and use it as a parts runner. Course.. I could make him fix it for me and I would have my car back, but... then I don't have the excuse to get a new one.. LOL