Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hi ya'all..

Today was soooo nice. I stayed home all day. I laid in bed watching Dawson's Creek drinking coffee and looming preemie hats. I made 5 of them today. Talk about to darn cute. I haven't made the poms for the tops yet, but will get to them later.

I signed up to make 100 of them. I am working on getting others to help out, so if you want info just holler... I will gladly pass it on.

Oh.. My pellet stove bit the dust. We tried fixing it today with no success. 2 new motors and the thing still won't run. There went $1,000.00 down the tubes. Hopefully the repair guy will find a quick fix and it will be cheap.. LOL

I got another box of yarn in the mail today. WOW!! Thanks a bunch Sarah.. I appreciate it. I have 6 booties made already with some of the sock yarn I have gotten. 2 scarves made up last night too. They are sooo cute. All are definately worthy for a patchy child.

You all continue to amaze me with your yarns. I just heard from a gal who spins and paints her own yarns. She is sending me 6-440 yards of painted yarn. I am excited. She wants me to try it out and give my opinions. How cool is that!! And I get a 40% discount at her site. Can't beat that. I will put all her info on my site when it is up and running.

I have 6 more episodes of Dawson to get thru tonight, so I had better get off this computer. I have a big day of moving office furniture tomorrow. At least until we change our minds again. LOL

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today was a pretty hectic day.. Taxes are a real bummer.. Business taxes I mean.. Just to much work. And to pay to have it done is a killer.. LOL Especially when you know you are capable of doing it yourself..

I got quite a bit finished. Should have it all gone thru and added up by Tuesday and then off to the tax man I will go. Lets hope for a big refund.. LOL Not gonna happen. Even with the 4 kids.. LOL

But.. Tis the price you pay to work on your own schedule.

We have decided to move our office into the old building. I think we will rent our big office out to the school bus company. We just do not use all the space, and it makes no sense to keep using it and paying for all the unused space. It is glassed in, so the heat bills are unbelievable. Not to mention that the light bill is so high.. The other office is much smaller and to be honest, much more cosy. You walk in and it is just a really homey atmosphere. Not like the one we are in. Way to bright, way to white and way to "hospitalized". If we were a big company with tons of employees in the office, it would be perfect, but not for just me and Paul. Or is that Paul and I.. LOL

Anyway, We have to get the carpet back in there and the pellet wood stove in there too. The downfall of the old office is that there is no heat going to that building. So, we have to rely on the pellets. We used to use a corn burner, but that was just to damn sooty. Everything was covered in an inch of dust and ash every night. Kinda gross after while. The pellet stove is much nicer. Cleaner burn and lots of heat..

I do have to admit that I am not sure it is really a work environment.. LOL Nice and cozy with the atmosphere of the pellet stove.... Hmmm.... Did I mention we have a futon we will be putting in there too.. LOL

Just kidding.. Well.. not really, but I had to tease a bit.. Seriously.. it will be nice to be back in the old office. The only real downfall is that it will be much smaller and the kids will have to deal with a smaller space. No room to run in this office.. LOL

It is that time again. Over slept this morning cause I stayed up way to late, so I am off to bed. Gotta start gettign to bed at a reasonable time since I have to be up at 5am. Comes to darn quick when you don't get to bed until 2am.. LOL

Night all...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

WOW.. it has been a while since I updated.. Lots of busy stuff happening.
WE had a fantastic Christmas. I got a camcorder that fits right in the palm of my hand. Kind of cool. Gor this really nice reed air freshener in my favorite scent. WHITE LILAC!!! Lots of other stuff, but those of course are my favorites.

Kids had a blast. Spoiled as usual. To much new stuff for me to trip over.


New Years was great. We spent the evening playing a 4 1/2 hour game of monopoly and I lost to a 7 year old. LOL She totally cleaned up with over $11,000 and most of the properties.. She is gonna let me live with her for the rest of my life... Support me and even cook for me.. LOL


I have been spending my days getting the office ready for 2007. Lots of 2006 tax stuff to go thru. I did up all the W2's today. Mailed out and set. Now for the 1099's tomorrow.

Once those are finished, it is all a matter of adding up receipts and getting the stuff ready to the tax man. Gotta love that. Hoping for the best, but knowing it isn't going to be pretty.. LOL

We turned a good year, but... with no snow, the going is a bit tight right now. Lets hope for a nice big snow storm that lasts for 3 days.. LOL


Oh yeah... no snow. January 9th and no stinking snow.. What gives??? I don't think I have ever had a birthday that I didn't have to trudge thru snow.. Yep... Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!! Nope, not gonna tell you how old I am.. LOL.. But... I will tell you that I just past the hump towards 40.. Sigh... Don't feel that old a bit... And to make matters worse, a friend of mine (who is 29) just got a boob job yesterday. Made a healthy comment about them going south and maybe I would have to deal with that soon.. LOL Nice huh...

I may be getting older, but the twins are still where they are supposed to be.. LOL Haven't began the ski slope yet.. Well, maybe the bunny hill, but definately not the slope..

Anyways... I just made this rasta tam that is just to die for. I listed is on one of my yahoo groups, and it sold in about 5 minutes. I was so impressed. Got an order for 3 more. I am pretty dang proud of myself. So far, this week I have made 6 of them in different sizes. Also made a cute hat in light watermelon colors. Then some berets, but.. I really did do lots of other stuff.. LOL Here are a ton of pictures.

My favorite one is the orange one. Gotta love orange. Not sure what order I like them the best, but they are all really big and suprisingly hang pretty good considering it was all heavy yarn. Well, except the pink ones, those are a bit lighter weight.
I am off to get my room clean.. LOL Complain the kids never keep theirs clean and you can't even see my floor.. Where does all this stuff come from???