Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yeah.. so I didn't get to go to the concert. Ended up being cancelled. Bummer, but will catch it next year.

An update on my ebay problem. The case was closed yesterday or today. I lost the case. Basically she got away with selling junk and ripping me off of $51.00. That is just not right. I called paypal and they are starting up a new dispute for item severely not as described. Asked me for pictures which i will be providing. As well as a picture of the shipping envelope with date intact. They said that she has to make this right. Since she has not offered a thing other than "I shipped it and she received it and that is that" attitude, they will be investigating her as well. They have notes in this new dispute on her contradicting herself.

1. Didn't receive any measurements turned into made to the measurements sent.
2. Mailed 2 days after payment cleared turned into postdated 3 days after claim filed.
3. Left bottom unhemmed only turned into bottom and side unhemmed.

This is all documented in the case, so.. according to paypal she will have to offer some sort of satisfaction. Cross your fingers. I have slacked on fixing it because of principle. I will wait to find out what happens. Sellers should not be allowed to do this type of thing. I will keep this going just to prove a point to this seller. She will hopefully have to conceed in the end and maybe she will be more honest in the end.