Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today is BEAUTIFUL day!!! It is sunny and absolutely the perfect temperature. Not to hot and not to cold. A bit windy, but certainly nothing to complain about.

It is spring cleaning day. I have been busting humps all morning trying to get the garage cleaned out, the yard picked up and ready for planting. Not sure how much planting I will get done this week.

We are bringing in a couple loads of top soil black dirt. My yard is horrible. It is the "water way" on the block, so it is lower than the neighbors on either side. Not to mention that under the first 3 inches of soil, it is gravel. The gravel as you can imagine is popping up and you can't even walk outside in your bare feet. Being a natural girl, I hate having to slip on shoes every time I go outside. So... we are adding dirt and are seading our yard. At least that is the plan. We had better get to it soon, or we will be in a mess of trouble later.

I did see that my line of lillies are coming up. I saw green shoots.. YEAH!!! I transplanted them real late in the season, so I wasn't sure if they would take. Can't wait to see them. I am hoping to get some seeds this year for uncommon herbs. Not going real well in my search, but eventually I want the back yard filled like an English Garden with plants and herbs everywhere and cute little seats and fountains.. How cool will that be!!!

Well, I suppose I should get outside and get some before pictures taken. If any of you are bored and want to come and help, just pop on over. We are grilling at 5pm Central time, so grab your plane ticket, pop a jet and lets go! Burbon steaks on the grill, peppercorn ribs, and of course Texas taters.. All we are missing is corn on the cob.. But that too shall arrive in time.. LOL

Oh.. missing the brew too.. We are test tasting some home brew that the guy from the bus barn made. Postman Don is bringing his homemade beer.. That is sooo yummy. Nice and light but not to light. LOL

WOW.. we sound like a bunch of drunks on the 4th of July.. LOL Actually, I am a non drinker, but do like to sample every now and again. I like to have my wits about me. And it is always kid friendly.

Time to clean. Notice I drug it out a bit longer..
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