Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I just completed another pair of wool shorties. These ones are just to adorable. I used 100% merino wool that has been dyed with koolaid. I used a scrap with some lime green in it for trim and it is amazingly cute. I listed them on Etsy in my store if you are interested. They are a meduim size.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is what we woke up to yesterday. More freaking snow. ARG!!! I really do love snow.. but.. sheesh.. I am tired of shoveling.. I am tired of being cold.. And I am tired of having ice and gunk packed up under my van. It is driving me nuts.
The following picture is a lesson learned.. LOL We are learning that it is not fun to color on the furniture. Since this was her 3rd time doing it, I figured she could clean it. At 7 years old, one would think that she would learn from her mistakes and make new ones.. NO way... Not Katie.. LOL She keeps doing the same things over and over. It takes about 10 times before she gets the picture. So.. isn't she cute.. LOL

Now.. All that said.. I completed these newborn shorties last night. They are made with handdyed with koolaid merino wool. They are so freaking cute. I just listed them in my etsy store.I started this pair this morning and finally finished them around 2 this afternoon. I think they turned out perfect. I had alot more of the yarn than I thought, so I have some leftover for trim on another pair.. YAY!! This pair is a bit bigger. A size small.. Now this is a picture of the newborn on top of the smalls to show you the size difference. Aren't they super cute.. LOL