Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Oh yeah.. i forgot about these.. LOL I made some Victorian Rose Garden bath bombs a few days ago. They are completely dry and really stong.. Love love love them. These ones weight 4.7 ounces combined. I dropped the third one.. LOL damn dog grabbed it and ate the sucker. Sure hope he doesn't get sick from it. Course this is the same dog that ate 3 bars of soap last month. LOL!! Amazing he didn't get super sick from that.

I have some Vanilla ones coming up as well as some Poison (type) ones. Those ones are in tablet form. Much easier and I can pack them tighter.. LOL

Okay.. so here is the scoop.. I have this supplier that I have been using for over 10 years. Until recently they have been a super company to deal with. Always prompt. Never backordred. And always perfect transactions.

Recently... I have had nothing but problems with them. Large trouble (delivering all my wax, butters and oils in my unheated garage in sub zero temperatures) to back ordered items.. And now.. I ordered 2 ounce spray bottles with sprayers.. 1000 of them to be exact.. What did I get?? Well... I did not get myk 2 ounce bottles.. I got 1 ounce bottles. Sigh... I had to call them again. I am sooo upset over this. If I had wanted 1 ounce bottles, I would have ordered them..

They have agreed to refund partial shipping and the difference in the bottle price. Unfortunately.. my 2 ounce bottles are backordered and will not be here until May.. So.. I am going to try to find a new supplier.. Wish me luck..

I made up some of my Wild Jasmine Room spray that doubles as a dry body spray. It is soo awesome. I keep a bigger bottle in my car and I love it. Very stong floral fragrance. But I like strong scents, so this one works for me.. The bottles are kind of cute.. LOL