Monday, May 21, 2007

Well.. the remainder of the day went by with no real other incident. Oh...unless you call my darling newly licensed daughter getting into an accident with my van.. Oh yeah.. I could have died when she came in and told me she hit the service truck with my van as she was backing out..

Here is the story. She went to the store for me and when she came back, she parked really close to the service van. Asked if she could re-park my van. I said sure. No biggie right?? About 10 minutes later she came in and told her step dad that she was backing out and hit his service van. She was so busy looking for oncoming traffic that she didn't pay attention to where the front of the van was and turned the wheel right into the service van. Hence.. black paint on my nice gold minivan. SIGH!!! It should come off no problem, but... being that it is my only vehicle, I am not overly impressed. Not mad... Just not impressed.. I will take a picture tomorrow. It really isn't that bad. But does stick out like a sore thumb...

I am extremely tired. Almost to the point of not being able to sleep. I have had a headache for 2 days and is almost bordering a migraine. I may end up going in tomorrow for a healthy shot in the butt. Maybe I will get something good and it will knock this bugger out of me.. Who knows..

Well.. it is again that time of the night for me to say sleep tight to all of you. I am off to bed. Hugs
I finally got around to finding the disc with all my pictures on it. Since I have time to blow today, I figured I might share some of my past creations..

Here is cherry bear. Isn't she cute. Made with cotton thread. Gotta love it.. Way to tiny and chances are I will never make another tiny bugger like this again. Not sure why the picture is showing a yellowing. Must be from the flash or something..

Okay, so I know he is really ugly.. But.. he was almost finished when my pup decided to have a snack. Gross... But.. I will recreate him one day.. LOL

I have dubbed this beauty Ginny. I made the outfit and the scarf. But not the cloak. I think I will get her patch on soon. Been long overdue. Now to get a Harry, Hermoine, and Ro. I have the dolls already, but need to find time to do facial touch ups. The costumes are almost finished, but still alot of work left.

So.. enough pictures for today. I went to the DMV to plate our new semi. That was fun.. NOT!! I am not sure how people become so mean, but the lady that waited on my was a real PITA! Rude and horrible actually. She really needs to get laid or something.. LOL

Well. It is time for me to get busy. Will update later if I get a chance..