Saturday, September 22, 2007

So here I sit being bored. The kids are camping out in the backyard. Well.. theya re in here right now pestering me while I was trying to watch Pathfinder. Great movie from what I have seen, but .. I am fixin to kick them outside soon.. LOL As I sit here, I decided tomake myself a mushroom with some leftover yarns I had sitting around. I will post some pictures of my recent creations and in progress works. Just keep reading.. LOL

I am finally feeling better. I got a nasy virus thing from a mosquito. Really yucky, but at least I can't get it agian. Immune thing and all. I have to confess that it really put me out of commission. I couldn't even sit. It was horrible. Even my hair folicles ached.

It is time to get off here, so enjoy the rest...

Yeah!!! Another pair of longies finished. These are the Koolaid dyed ones. They turned out really well and I love the colors. YEAH ME!!!!

And here we have a really kickarse Gryffindor purse. It, of course, is not a purse yet, but when I am done.. Look out. It will be a stunner.. Word of advise.. do not attemp this when you are totally sick and flat on your back. No matter what. I think it made my head worse and did absolutely nothing to make me feel better.. LOL

Never guess what this is.. Yep the infamous Ginny Weasley beehive hat she wore in the GoF. Second task I think.. I got it as a free pattern and I love it. Now to make another one for myself. This one is a gift.. LOL

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So I am absolutely miserable.. i have this nasty head thing going on.. LOL No, not a mental head thing, just a head thing.. LOL

My eyes feel gritty and dry, my nose is stuffed half the time and dripping the next, my taste buds are shot. I went to Red Lobster for lunch today (brother in law was in town from Florida and was leaving today, so we had to take him to lunch.. LOL) Bummer was.. I couldn't even taste my food. Lobster and shrimp and it might as well have been cardboard.. I wouldn't have known the difference..

It all started last week.. I went to the office on Thursday like always. I laid on the couch (only for 5 minutes.. LOL) That was at 8:30. 10:30, Paul woke me up and asked if I wanted to go home. Of course I said no.. I had work to do.. He sent me home and I slept all day. Friday morning I went to work and made it until about 2:00pm. I went and slept the remainder of the day. Got up this morning feeling like I had literally been crushed. My hair folicles even hurt.. LOL Really sucks.. But..I really wanted to spend time with David before he left for Florida. I just wish I had felt better. Seems every time he comes to visit I am sick. He even made a comment about how I am always coughing when he sees me.. LOL Needless to say... before I could go home and sleep, I had to stop at Hobby Lobby to get some knitting needles in the right size for my next project.. And Brittni wanted to stop at Best Buy for a new Insignia 4 GB video mp3 palyer.. So.. Once those stops were out of the way, I finally got to go home and go to sleep. Just to give a general idea how miserable I was and still am, I almost had Brittni drive me home. Only 17 and still makes me sooo nervous. LOL I held it together until I got home. Crawled into bed and just got up about an hour ago.. LOL Now I am no longer tired and it is almost 12:30 am.. LOL Wonderful..

So.. I have made some really cute hats.. All gone but one. I will post a picture tomorrow. It is the Ginny Weasley beehive hat she wore at the 2nd Goblet of Fire challenge. Orange is my favorite color, so it was great to finally have a project using it. Here is a link to the pattern I used..

I did modify it a little, but basically the same..

Now I am making the Griffindor bag. Kind of a pita since I hate Fair Isle knitting, but it is turning out really cute.. You can see it here..

Okay. I am off to take some meds and see if I can get back to sleep. My muscles are screaming and my eyes are blurry and dry.. LOL
Hugs all..