Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here are a couple pictures from above the clouds.. Enjoy!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I went to the races last night. It was a blast.. My friend Shawn races in the nascar late model division and he had a terrible night.. It really way awful.. He got bumped and flipped his car. There was a fire, but he got out okay. THANK GOD!!! It was so scary. I started crying.. Reminded me of when my other friend Dennis Pennel crashed his late model car many years ago. My heart went right to my toes... But.. the main goal is to make it out okay and he did.. so life is good..

My best (male)friend Andy did great too.. He won his heat. Finished second in the thunderstox feature. He also got second in the hornets feature.. His car is just so fast.. It was AWESOME!!!!

The girls got to do the penny search on the track. They had a great time grabbing up the lpennies trying to find the one with the hole in it.. Whoever found it won 300 dollars.. It was a good time for them.. It is so nice that the track offers things like that to the little fans..

I am off to get some candles made up. I am trying to get all my supplies used up so that I have a full store when I open. It is really fun. My new store adventure.. I am enjoying it a lot.. Have a great day to all... Big hugs..