Saturday, May 19, 2007

Aren't they cute.. I just had to share. What a great framed picture this would be in my polkadot bedroom...

WOW!! Saturday morning and I am up soooo early. "Why?" you may ask?????????? Well.... my darling Courtney had a "lock-in" at school and had to be picked up by 7am. Way to punish the parents. LOL The kids had a miserable time. Nobody would listen and work together. Had a teacher crying cause the kids were out of control. Not that just sounds like they needed a MOM there.. LOL I would have had them towing the mark in about 2 seconds and everyone would have been standing in timeout... :) yeah right... Sounded good though didn't it..

I designed my new business cards last night. They are kind of generic. Nothing spectacular, but really cute. I love them. Kind of retro without being to retro. Anyway.. I do need to get things moving a bit faster. My website is just sitting there waiting to be finished and uploaded to the net. I will be working on that today. I did find lots of great graphics, but I don't want to make it to wild either..

Okay.. this is just to funny.. Not my way of thinking, but hey.. whatever works for ya...
I am off to get the lawn watered. Now that I have grass popping up, I want to keep it. Darn birds keep eating my seeds, so I have to get another bag to do some touch up work, but it is coming along nicely.. Will update with pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oofta.. I am sooo tired. I am catching a horrible cold. This weather changing crap is for the birds. A nice even 75 degrees and sunny would be great. Or a warm nasty thunderstorm would be nice. But this cold crap is just not right. Warm one day and cold the next. My poor nose is so completely sore from blowing, runny, blowing, runny...I just don't think it will last another day. Might just fall off you know.. LOL My eyes are swollen, red and itchy.. And to top it off, I have a headache from hell. What a wreck!!

On the good front.. my grass is growing... LOL They green shaggy stuff you have to mow in your yard you sillies... Not the grass you smoke.. LOL I pulled out tons of weeds and dandilions.. What a chore that was.. But.. next couple weeks should bring a nice carpet of soft new grass.. I can't wait.. then it will be time to get the walkway dock built, the deck stained, and the french doors put in.. I have a gal coming Saturday to help me with the garden plans. That is going to be great. I want to get my herbs growing in the ground instead of the pots they are in. They really want to be in the ground.. I also have to get bricks brought in for my retaining wall. I may just scrap that for this year, but it would be nice to have it done by the end of next month.. LOL

Kids are good. A bit of teenage drama happening, but Mama is on it.. LOL I did get a rasta scarf made. Well.. almost made. It just needs the border and it will be set. I crocheted it while I was watching... shoot.. Stomping the yard or something like that.. It was excellent... I really liked it. Will have to get to work tomorrow though.. I didn't do a thing today..

Wow.. it is late. gotta get to bed. Need that sleep you know..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Okay.. so I may ahve been a bit off this morning on my deduction regarding the grass. Guess I was a bit over-sensitive.. LOL So, there is more green, but actually calling it grass would be a bit overboard. I have plenty of dandelions and weeds. Some small grass seedlings.. I will have to go out and pull up most of those yellow nasties that I just hate.. I will wait til the ground dries up a bit more. Maybe tomorrow.
We are in for storms tonight they say.. However, the weather channel keeps changing the forecast. Just can't keep up with it. Here are updated pictures of the backyard. see.. there is more green.. LOL

I managed to get a braided scarf done. I got an order today for one in rasta colors. Will probably work on that later tonight while catching up on some well deserved television watching.. In other words.. I just feel like veggin out..

So.. here is my newest vent.. I created a myspace account.
It really is pretty darn neat. Mostly for friends and family, but a couple other people that I know of.. Anyway.. Here it comes.. LOL.. Most of my friends are like me.. Same likes and dislikes.. Except one.. she is more of a friend by acquaintance. I like her alot, but she isn't someone I would invite with me when I am out with my other friends. Not to be mean, but because she doesn't have the same interests and really would not fit in very well.. Anyhow.. She is trying to fit in and it is appreciated, however, when she invited all my friends to her myspace, I was a bit offended. I applaud her for trying, but she has taken it to the extreme. She makes comments about things that I have told her in confidence. Sly comments.. It is driving me crazy. She is talking to them like she has known them for years. A few have commented to me about it. It makes them uncomfortable. I am beginning to wonder if she has ever kept anything private. I certainly will not tell her anything ever again. Especially when I don't want it known to... EVERYONE!!
So anyway.. I am not sure how I am going to handle it, but will have to figure something out. Okay.. I am off the vent wagon.. Life is grand.. Kids made me kabobs for supper.. They were FANTASTIC!! And I got tons of flowers and this really kick ass picture frame for my sorely lacking walls.. LOL No diamonds or pearls or anything sparkly.. But.. I did get to have all my kids and that is the most important part..
I am off now.. time to veg...
Okay.. 10 days ago we did our lawn.. Still no friggin grass!! Now.. I would have expected to see something growing.. But NOTHING!!! Not some much as a single sprout.. Yea.. I went and stuck my nose to the ground and searched the entire yard for one single sprout.. And did I mention I am tired of watering hte shit! Every morning at 7am and every evening at 8pm. It is really getting old.. LOL But.. good news is I got to skip the morning watering today. It rained.. YEAH!!! Not alot, but enough that I didn't have to water it myself.. LOL Water bill is gonna be a bummer...

So..whatcha all onto today? I am fixin to go to the shop and transfer all my files andsuch from the old computer to a portable hard drive. That way I can access it from my laptop without having to load it down. I am giving one desktop to Brittni. The other desktop that I am unloading is going into the livingroom to be turned into a gaming computer for the other kids. I will mainly use the laptop. That way I can sit in bed, watch tv and browse the net.. LOL Basically be a bum..

Well.. I am outta here. Take a shower and at least present myself as human. LOL