Monday, July 30, 2007

Soooooooooooo........... before I tell you about my crappy ebay experience, here is what I accomplished today.. i made some key fobs for DH's business. P.E.R. Towing & Recovery. Aren't they cute!! I made them with nylon belting instead of cotton cause I couldn't find any. I needed them to be 1.5 inch, but could only find 1 inch. BUMMER... But they still turned out okay..

I gotta tell you.. I have lost alot of faith in my ability to choose decent people to buy things from.. I really gotta start being more choosy..Libby totally rock!! So far she has been the only one to actually get my custom orders to me in a reasonably fast time.. And she is ready to burst with pregnancy.. Go figure.. LOL

I ordered an outfit on ebay. I sent the payment which turned out to be an echeck since I forgot to update my credit card thru paypal when my back got taken over by a new bank. Took 9 or so days to clear, but I paid it. I sent the measurements a total of 3 times and this woman claims she never received them. So she adlibbed and made the waist at 37 inches. Told me she added a buttonhole to it. Left it unhemmed. okay.. unhemmed.. no problem. I can zip that up in no time..

I emailed her to ask where it was, and she emailed me asking how we liked it. I emailed her back to tell her that we never received it. She told me she mailed it 2 days after my echeck "finally" cleared the bank. That would have put the mailing on the 12th or so of July. She still claimed she mailed it.

I filed a complaint thru paypal since I could see a problem. Went to the post office and asked them about what I could do to track the package. They said to get a copy of the receipt and they would see if they could find it in the lost or damaged boxes at each post office between here and there. I requested a copy with no response. This was on the 26th. As of today, I still have not received a response. However, she stated to paypal that she did mail it "awhile ago" and that somehow I never sent her any emails since they weren't recorded with ebay. Funny thing about email is you can keep a copy in your sent folders with read receipts. She sent me one read receipt for one of the emails with the measurements.. LOL But she of course never received it.

Anyway.. I got a call from the post office today. They had a package I needed to pick up because my driver was gone before it got there. Nice to know people in the PO. Anyway.. guess what arrived???? Yep the package. Postmarked the 27th of July.. Hmmm.. I thought it was mailed out around the 12th?? I filed my complaint with paypal on the 24th. How can you say you mailed it to paypal and then have the balls to mail it 3 days after you are threatened with having to give a refund..

Okay.. so anyway.. I left the post office and opened the package while driving. Stupid.. I know.. The first thing I saw was the falling apart embroidery lightening bolt on the bodice of the apron top. I was so pissed. I slammed the skirt onto my lap and a stick pin jabbed 1 inch into my upper thigh.. OUCH!!!! I was wearing brnd new khaki pants. Bled like a stuck pig.. It was awful.. Who the hell leaves stick pins in clothing they send thru the mail????????? Okay.. I throw the whole thing into the passenger seat and proceed to the office. I got to the office and took the outfit into the shop with me. I start looking it over..

The apron top...
The lightening bolt design is literally falling out. Here is a picture of the apron top front.

Now.. here is a picture of the backside.. Nice huh!! Notice the tear away stabilizer is still on it..

Okay. So next up is the ties. You are gonna love this.. One is knotted with a bead on it and the other is not. What??

Okay.. so the patchwork on it is incredible. I do love that. It is also made nice and strong and each block is serged. Can't complain about that.. LOL And the turtle applique is super neat. i do love that. Hence the reason I bought it.. LOL

Now for the wrap skirt...
Here is a picture of the killer needle and unfinished side hem and bottom hem that is totally uneven. It hangs down on one side at least 2 inches longer than the patchwork side... Why on earth would you send this to someone who paid for a finished item?

Now another. now this one is hard to see, but it is the top of the unfinished side. Thing about this is that the tie that goes around the waist is already sewn on. How do you hem it without having to remove that tie?? Again notice that hte tear away stabilizer was not removed and the thread was not trimmed..

Now here is the applique on the wrap skirt. It is to die for. Left untrimmed.. on top of everything else wrong, it is mildly irritating..

Okay.. So there you have it. Some of the things really aren't that bad and I wouldn't have even mentioned them, however, when you add the whole package up.. I am soooo pissed off..

Lied to about receiving my emails, lied to about mailing it, and intentionally trying to make it look like it is MY fault??? ARG!!!! Double Freaking ARG!!!!!

I understand some people just don't have common sense, but crap.. do they not have a brain either??? This gal does shit work for clothing and needs alot of help learning to use her embroidery machine, but she could make a killing selling patchwork fabric.. LOL

Did I mention that the patchwork was super great? It really is.. And that is the ONLY reason I am willing to fix her mistakes. Somehow.. Oh yeah.. wouldn't that lotus applique look great as a tatoo.. One thing comes to mind.. "tramp stamp" LOL

Okay.. so here is a picture of the red and white bag finished without the handles..