Monday, February 19, 2007

Hi all,
It has been a while since I last posted. Sorry about that. I have been pretty sick off and on with whooping cough and other ouches. Yes... what a pain. With 4 kids, I get everything the entire school district has.. LOL
But, I am on the mend and ready to start life again. At least in between relapses..

I have been knitting like crazy. I have another pair of socks almost finished. Hopefully I will have them done by Friday. They are a chain stitch pattern and look like chain links. Kind of neat.

I did get my death by socks done. I am still alive so far and haven't received any unfinished ones yet. They are coming from the UK, so could be just a slow boat.. Like those from China.. LOL

I have been hosting a Jack Russel Terrier for a friend of my daughters. What was only supposed to be a couple weeks has now turned into almost 2 months. She hasn't come to get hte dog, so there is 2 months of hosting a dog that I really dislike. Not only does it dig in the garbage, it craps on the floor where it wants to, and it eats socks, unders and crotches out of pants. Nice huh!! WEll... this beast is out of here tomorrow. To the pound it will have to go. No.. I am not mean, but after it totally destroyed the screen on my front door casing and all, it is time for it to be adopted to a new home.

The kids are getting huge. Just bought new shoes in November and we went and got new ones again yesterday. Can't keep up. LOL

Just got the call.. Courtney needs to be picked up. They won their basketball game and are home now. Gotta run adn bring her butt home so I can go to bed.. LOL Yes, it is only 7:22 pm, but I am tired froma long day of paperwork and crabby customers. You know.. the ones who got drunk, put their car in the ditch and don't want to pay the tow bill.. LOL Yep, I got 2 of them today.. Either pay or don't.. I have your keys.. LOL They paid...