Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Omgosh...  My store is finally completely up and open.  Seems like it took forever..  Well.. it did take forever..  I did almost the whole thing myself with the exception of moving in the big shelves and the painting of the walls. 

It is nice and lively with bright gorgeous coloring.  Now to advertise and get things going.  I had the paper come today.  Unfortunately I was closed for the afternoon due to a doctor appointment to remove the stubborn stitches that are supposed to be disolvable.  Well.. they aren't for me.  Apparently my body does not like to disolve them.. It likes to spit them thru the skin so they make nice scratchy pokeys..  Darned irritating.  Anyway..  They left a card and a message to call them.  I am sure they will do an article and that will be great for my business.  Free advertising.. LOL

Word of mouth has been great.  I have had alot of new faces show up.  Some to browse and some to give suggestions and a few to purchase.  All ages have come into the store so that is a good sign.  It is so perfect.  Now.. I have to get my friend who dyes wool to maybe stock some of her yarns in my store.  That would be fantastic for me and a benefit for her.  I hope anyway.  I would love to get some more business for her. 

On a different subject..  I am looking for doggie sweater patterns to knit and crochet.  Mainly looking for the kind without the leg holes.  More like ponchos with a belly strap.  Those are harder to find.. So if you know where to get some give me a shout. 

I am off to bed now..  It has been a long day and I need to get to bed earlier these days.  Been to tired in the mornings and almost had the kids late for school today..  That is never a good thing. LOL

hugs and love