Friday, April 06, 2007

Here is my room. I promised to post pictures of the infamous polka dot room.. LOL the dark spots are a plum color and the one above the lamlp is really plum not burgandy.. LOL Of couse the meduim ones are cream and the smaller ones are lime green. The blue walls are a steel country blue. Kind of cool I think. Notice the lava lamp lamps.. LOL I love those at night.. Really makes my room sparkle. I will update the pictures once I get my waterbed refinished and set up. That won't be until later in the summer.

Now this beauty of a room belongs to 5 year old Katie. It was originally Mackys room, but we did a bit of switching around when we adopted Katie. Mackys room isn't finished yet. Well, not really even started. Notice the "hole" in the tree. We had a squirrel peeking out of it, but the little bugger decided he didn't want to stick to the wall. LOL

Okay, I am off to bed. Been a long day and it will be an early morning. I have so much billing to get done. Anyhow, have a great night to all.