Saturday, October 06, 2007

Guess what... I gor my Weasley swap package.. I love it!! Here are pictures. So.. Muggle post deliverd my package and here is what was inside. I got a scroll letter from Fred and George Weasley. They will be distributing the Skiving Snackboxes in the US. COOL!! I also got a Weasley hat that I love. And to boot.. I got a skiving snackbox with fever fudge, puking pastiles, nosebleed nougats and fainting fancies. How cool is this... I love it....... Tiffany did a fantastic job. Looks just like the movie prop.

So my foot feels a bit better. It is healing nicely and doesn't throb anymore. Still hurts if I take something in the arch, but other than that I am walking really good.
We had some excitement at the office. Big accident and not real pretty. Truck got squished. Nobody got hurt thankfully, but here is a picture for you to look at..
Okay.. so here is another. Couldn't leave you with just one.. LOL
Okay.. So the driver fell asleep. Go figure. Like I said.. Thankfully nobody got hurt, but had to be scary as hell.
Off to get some of the soaker finished that I am testing for someone.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What you have all been waiting for.. LOL Here is a picture of the completed items I made for my Weasley household swap. I sent these to my partner Tiffany. I think they turned out really great. Not that I am prejudiced or anything.. LOL
A BIG thank you to Tiffany for taking a picture for me.. LOL I totally forgot to take a picture before I sent them.. LOL Now I just have to finish my project for Libbys soon to be new baby girl.. Sure wish the tyke would get out of that belly and see us.. Getting impatient here.. LOL


It hurts like hell, walking is a PITA, upset stomach from the antibiotics, and worse yet... I still went in to work today.. LOL
However, it is healing and no signs of infection. That is GREAT news..

Okay.. off to do some more clean up on Mondays catastrophe...

Monday, October 01, 2007

Okay, so I am having a total crisis here. I came home from work and all was well. I got the laundry started, the dishes done, lawn mowed.. Well, I didn't do it all, but directed the kids on some of it. Then kabam!! The toilet clogged up.. I decided to plunge it like you normally would.. Yeah right.. I had crap backed up in my bathtub and Brittni was hollering from the basement to stop. Yep.. Crap was everywhere in the basement. I blew the pipes apart and it was flooding the basement.. GROSS!!!! So.. I pulled the drain plug in the floor out and set it on the floor next to the drain and put a rug down. My plan was to sweep it all down the bottom drain. Little did I know, I laid the rug right on top of the plug. Now.. This particular plug has 3 really DULL prongs on the bottom to hold it in place in the hole. See the following pictures. Notice how nasty dirty it is.. Again I say... GROSS!!! Yep... You go it. This is looking really unfortunate isn't it. Are you figuring out where I am going with this yet? I stepped on the carpet in a hurry and with all my weight. Now you are getting it aren't you?? It went right into my foot.. I had to pull it out. OUCH!!! Picture.. 4x4 carpet and plug stuck in my foot.. Again I say.. OUCH!!! I make my way upstairs. Roll up a towel, stand all my weight on it to stop the increasingly large amount of blood that it pulsating out of my wound. Call Brittni and make her come home early to take me to the enmergency room. Holler for Courtney to bring me the Excedrin Migraine and my sprite. Patiently wait for Brittni to get home. Once she got home I wrapped my foot nice and neat in the towel and loaded my rear into the car and away we went.. Get to the emergency room where they proceeded to put my foot into cleaning solution. Tell me how nasty the gaping hole is and that I did a great job I did.. LOL Of course we had xrays and all kinds of poking around. To my disbelief, they found a piece of carpeting in my open wound. Yeah.. Guess what.. They had to pick it out. And again I say.. OUCH!!! After all the pain and torture I endured, they put me on antibiotics and pain killers. Cause witht he looks of the plug, I could very well get an infection from the "whatever" that is growing on it.. LOL.. Now for hte gross out pictures of the wound. These are the natural position of the wound, so you cannot see the huge gaping inner hole that I managed to make inside the foot by steppping at an angle and then straightening the foot with the prong still in there. Yeah.. Probably not the greatest idea, but hey.. I wasn't really thinking clearly.. LOL

Now if I was to have spread the wound for you to see, just past the opening of the wound is the beginning of a HUGE black hole. I managed to make a really nice flap on the outside. It literally lays over top of the hole. Wierd..
Oh yeah. Never mind the cracked and stained barefoot syndrome my feet have.. LOL That is what you get when you refuse to wear shoes all summer.. LOL

Okay.. enough of the gross stuff. I am off to bed. The Tordol (spelling unsure) is kicking in and I am getting way to sleepy.. So.. I am gonna let you all go and get some rest. Course that is after I put a new bandage on my foot and a clean sock as I just noticed that it is completely covered in blood for the 3rd time since I have been home. And yet this is supposed to be NORMAL??? Okay.. Hence why I am not a doctor.. LOL