Thursday, July 09, 2009

WOW!! It has been forever since I last posted. I hope that you all will forgive me. I was really sick for a while and then went on vacation. I am finally back on our time and my normal schedule. Anyway.. Here are some pictures of the fantastic peole that I met while in London. I had a FANTASTIC time and wish I could have stayed longer. I did miss the kids terribly, but wouldn't have minded a few more days. 5 star hotel and all expenses paid made for a DREAM vacation...
Saga and Me. She was the cutest little thing ever. Always smiling and cheerful. Just loved her to death.. She is from Iceland. Such a good hearted girl.
And who can resist a picture with a Harry Potter Phone booth.. LOL
OMG I am totally moving to Columbia. This is Herley and Me. I definately could have brought him back with me. YUMMY!!!
Very funny Cindy.. Yes, the sign does say NoSmoking.. But it really says no smoking in the premise.. LOL Nothing about smoking by the building.. LOL
No... I wasn't being arrested. Just had to have a picture of the police. They were so cool. Ignore the fat soaked lady in the middle.. LOL
My my... Isn't he cute.. This is Asif. I met him in a store and wanted to take him with me.. LOL
Me trying to suck down a Rum Remedy.. Wasn't great, but what the hell.. It was free.. LOL
My very first meal in London. Can't remember the name of it but it was soooo yummy. And yes.. That red stuff is a Berry Margarita that was to die for..
Me, Andre and Cindy. Andre made sure we were always happy. He was sooo sweet and not to mention his pockets were FANTASTIC!!
Me, Jaro and Cindy.. IF I had ever wanted to be a man... this would be the reason.. Jaro is just the best damn darling you can imagine. Always fun and never ever took a rest..
Cindy, Michael and Me. Michael is the best damn doorman there ever was. He works at the Intercontinential Park Lane Hotel in London. Such a sweetie.. Hey Michael.. Watch out for the rats.. LOL
Cindy, Klara, and Me.. Klara was one of the fastest servers on the planet and always had a smile for everyone.