Friday, November 28, 2008

So.. I am hoping that you all had a great Thanksgiving.. Mine was fantastic for the most part. No family drama, good food and lots of love.. However, on my way home, I had a bit of a mishap.. Well.. more like a freaking crash! I was about 15 minutes away from my Grandpas and a deer.. more like a 150 pound 6 point buck decided to run in front of my van (loaded with all 4 girls) I might add. ARG!! It was so freaking scary.. I was just like... "oh shit!!" What the heck do you do.. Not a darn thing. You don't swerve and hit it head on.. thankfully everyone was okay. Well.. not everyone.. The buck died, but he was so messed up. I figured he flew about 30 feet, but the officer measured and says it was more like 50 feet. This is based on the location of all my debris and where the deer was. I hit the poor thing at 55-60 mph. Officer also says it was closer to 60 based on the distance of my skid marks, but we settled for 55. Which is probably pretty close. I figure I may have been speeding prior to seeing them, but slowed down at first sighting..

I had to go in to work today for a while to get things taken care of. I called my insurance agent only to discover he had the day off and will not be in until Monday.. So.. I called the main office and they told me they would have someone there on Tuesday to take assessment. Okay.. so how about my rental car.. Guess what.. I do not have rental car on my policy.. I have full freaking coverage, but no rental car benefit?? WTF!! It is an add on?? That would have been handy to know.. Jerks.. So.. I go to rent a car with the company credit card only to be told that they cannot use it because my name is not on the card.. again I say.. WTF!! So.. I hand her my debit card and she says oh.. well you know.. if you use this card, we will put a hold on $500.00 and then when you return the car, we will also charge the full amount to it. But dn't worry.. you will get hte original $500.00 refunded 4 days after you bring the car back.. AGRG!!! Are you freaking kidding me??? So.. I left super pissed off.. I don't have a car.. Well.. I have my daughters car, but then she has no car.. It will take a good 2 weeks for all the body repair.. Not to mention the possible tranny damage.. Just fricking great right.. Tis the stinking season..

So.. all that aside.. I must have stiffened up at impact and slilpped a disc in my neck. I can't lift my right arm higher than my chest without having sharp pains down my side.. John.. Gotta love John.. Dear friend is a Chiropractor. He stopped by today and checked me over.. Adjusted my neck and shoulders. He has me on an ice routine. But.. It still hurts like heck. Now my lower back is starting to ache. John told me that by tomorrow afternoon I will likely be down for the count. As my body completely relaxes (takes a few days after a traumatic incident apparently), I will feel more pain and aches.. Great fun.. Shot the hell out of my black Friday shopping.. Darnit!! I love having that excuse to spend the day shopping.. But.. I dont' think I would have been able to do it anyway. Someone would have bumped me and I would have probably passed out fromt he pain.. LOL

Okay.. So I am off to bed and I am going to leave you all some pictures to browse..
As always.. Hugs and love..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Have I ever told you all that I really have no life outside of work and my family.. LOL I have the whole Saturday night to myself and what do I do? I stay home and make soap. How sad is that.. LOL

Tonight I made 5 batches.. I am testing some new scents and I just love them.

batch 1.. Dragons fire.. It's so multi faceted you will find layers of musks, ambers, a touch of patchouli, nag champa, cedars to warm and enhance this exotic fragrance, and much more.

Batch 2.. Milk Chocolate.. oh how yummy this smells!!

Batch 3.. Wild honeysuckle.. Man.. I really love honeysuckle, but his wild scent is to die for.. I am not big on florals, but this one is right on the money..

Batch 4.. lemon lime. Makes me want to put it "in the coconut and twist it all up".. LOL.. LOL

Batch 5.. Papaya Waterlily.. I added safflower petals to this one.. It is by far my favorite of the night. What a fantastically clean fruity scent.. I just love it. I will be saving a few of these bars for myself..

Now that it is 1:30 in the morning, I need to get to bed. I have to get up early and get some patches sewn on Soldier Nicks class A's..

Night all.. Hope you all had a great night.