Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just wanted to wish all my wonderful friends a super duper MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! No matter what your chosen path is.. I hope it was as wonderful as mine..

Here are some pictures for your pleasure..
Never guess what we are watching.... Could it be... oh yes.. Harry Potter... LOL

Patiently waiting for everyone to arrive!!

We ARE NOT snooping.. LOL

Oh my Gosh... It is a wireless mouse.. Wonder what this could be for... LOL

Gosh.. What is this?? Could it be a laptop bag???

What is this.. Oh yea!!!! A laptop...

And the other kid got one too.. Who says I spoil my kids.. LOL

Santa figures I am ready for my own Disney Princess TV and DVD player..

My very own camcorder.. YIPEE!!!! I really wanted this you know...

Can life really get any better??

Yep.. I even got a present..

Another satisfied critter...

I didn't want to get to picture heavy, but as you can see... Nobody wanted a redo.. LOL They are all happy, life is grand...
Merry Christmas to all...