Thursday, March 05, 2009

Time for more pictures. LOL I have been uploading a bunch of items to my store. I want to get as much listed as possible within the next week. I just have so many things made and haven't had the time to list them, so keep watch all week. You are bound to find something you just gotta have.. lol

I am hoping to get some time to make soap yet this week. I got a bunch of new oils and fragrances, so this is going to be fun putting new soaps together. I got some nice bold colors to add, but I am not sure how much of it I will actually use. I like my soaps to be a bit more natural in color.. LOL

Anyhow.. Dog is back on the tube, so I gotta go watch Young Blood in action. That man is just to freaking hot for words. He really needs to marry me.. LOL

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Have you ever had a day where you just wondered what made you get up in the morning? Well... This is one of those days.

My day started by having to order fuel oil. It just dawned on me this morning that I should probably check it.. Good thing.. less than 3 gallons left...Yep.. so stinking busy that I forgot to keep tabs on it. Thankfully my fuel man is also on of my best friends.. LOL Called him with an s.o.s. and he was right there filling the tank. Cost me $487.00 to fill the sucker up.. So there went breakfast at McDonalds.. LOL

I get to work only to discover that the front door to the office is hanging wide open. WTF!! So.. I go in to investigate and appears that the door perhaps was not shut tightly and nobody noticed. The wind probably blew it open and hence the office was FREEZING!!! So.. That tells me it was open for quite a while.. Mental note to remember to put a note on the door to Shut it tightly".

So.. now we get a call from the State Patrol informing me that the semi we towed in last night is under lock down. That means... because the driver was drunk, they took his license and the company has no idea.. So.. we have to call the company to let them know we have their unit. GREAT!! They are so pleased (insert sarcasm), and let mek now that I was not allowed to give the unit back to the drunk guy.. Okay.. HELLO!! Dude has no license anymore..

Get all that settled and the phone rings.. Yep.. another drunk driver bites the dust.. We have to go get a car this time. Tanked into a guard rail and wedged it.. So.. now that we are all busy.. I decide to run home to get some motrin because I am feeling a migraine coming on... While I am there I switched the laundry from teh washer to the dryer.. I had washed a load before I went to work..

Did I mention that I am wondering why I got out of bed this morning.... Wait for it.. It gets better....

My neighbor calls me.. Can he go into my house? He thinks my house is on fire. Sees smoke coming out from a basement window. Smells really sweet.. WTF!! Yes... idiot.. Investigate and call the fire department.... Freaking idiot!!! I race home only to find my dryer is on and there is steam coming out of my DRYER VENT!!!! Smells sweet because I used Orange Essential oil!!!! ARE you kidding me... You cannot tell the difference between a dryer and a fire?!?!?!?!?!?!

Needless to say my day just kept getting better.. I picked the kids up from school, came home and went to bed because my head hurt like crazy and the light about killed me.... Woke up to find that my ex sister in law's longtime boyfriend is in the hospital and not expected to live. My older 2 daughters are howling in pain as the realization that they are losing their uncle is setting in and my head is about to EXPLODE!!!

Surely this day is just a bad dream. It just cannot be real... I want a re-do!!! I Wanna go back to bed and get up on the other side..

Ahhhhh... I feel much better now that I got all that out.. Cross your fingers that tomorrow starts out better. If anything goes wrong within the first 10 minutes I am going back to bed and not getting out until the sun goes down.... LOL