Friday, August 10, 2007

Hey all.. I got an update for ya on the ebay tragedy. I am not going to say that this "gal" is a bad person.. I do not know her personally. Frankly.. I really don't think I would want to. But here it is..

I filed the paypal complaint and there have been a couple messages, but nothing major. No apology or anything to make this outfit right. So.. I left another message asking for a partial refund. She sent an email to paypal stating that she feels this should be over because I got the outfit. Apparently "who cares if it sucks, she got something in the mail and that should be good enough".. is her new philosophy. She also stated that she made the outfit to my specifications.. Hmmm...

Here is a quote from one of her emails..

the 37 inches came in because i went 37 plus you still want extra wrap but i never ahd a measurement to go on so i wung it so that you would get your package before christmas...i emailed you a couple times about the measurements with no answer so i had to wing it...

Hmmm.. interesting if you didn't get my measurements, how can you make them to the measurements I sent? LOL Idiot!!

So.. not only did she lie again, but she also escilated the paypal "non receipt" dispute to an all out claim. She has ended communication. Apparently she doesn't want to make this right. I didn't even get the chance to respond to her "I made the outfit perfect and want it closed" email. Hmmm.. see the "perfect" pictures in my other post if you needed a reminder of what "perfect" apparently is.. LOL

So.... I called paypal customer service on the phone.. I was so upset.. Well no.. I wasn't upset. I was mad as heck! Apparently it doesn't matter who files the dispute. Either one of you can escilate it to a claim.. No matter.. Seems to me she bit her own hand.. She sadly misrepresented the outfit, left it unfinished, and mailed it only after the dispute was filed. TO LATE!!! I have dealt with paypal enough to know that she is going to have to eat some crow. Either refund and take the outfit back, or make it right. You cannot just sell a piece of uncompleted fabric and call it an outfit and think you can honestly get away with it. As a buyer, i made sure it was a buyer protection item. If the buyer isn't happy, the seller has to make it right.

I can't go into to much detail since I know she (the seller) reads my blog. I didn't realize we had a mutual friend on one of the yahoo groups I belong to. Well.. this friend has informed me that this isn't the first time she has done something like this. Nice.. The last time she got away with it. but.. I hope she doesn't this time. Seems to me it is time to take the licks..

On another note.................................. I GOT A HAIR CUT TODAY!!!!!!!

They took off about 5 inches.. Holy Crap is that alot of hair.. LOL But it is so cute.. I really do like it. Took off about 5 years. Now if my body would conform to my wishes and help out, I would be happy.. LOL another 30 pounds and I would be in heaven.. Course another 40 and I would be close to what i was at graduation from high school.. LOL Like that will happen.. But it is my dream world and I can see it how I want to.. LOL

Okay. It is way to late.. I am getting a headache from to much coffee and I really need to get to bed.. Long day tomorrow and I really should get at least 5 hours of sleep. Snap.. gotta get the laundry switched around too or I will be going all day with no britches on.. LOL Guess I better switch that laundry around.. LOL


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Look what I made yesterday.. YEAH!!! I couldn't resist buying the instructions for these braided headbands. I got the instructions on ebay. They are sooo simple to make. I am not sure I like the underside. The ribbon is just laid over it and overlapped on the topside. I think I will wrap the blank headband on the next one.

I got a whole crapload of ribbon from a neighbor who doesn't craft anymore. She was cleaning out her craft room. Lots more stuff to come. They are turning this house into a "summer home" and moving south. So.. everything has to go. Lucky me she was a HUGE crafter.. I think she dabbled in everything.. LOL

So is anyone else desperate for school to start? I love my girls, but sheesh.. I really cannot wait til the first day of school. They are completely bored. Nothing else to do other than the little ones getting to Wisconsin Dells. Think we are going to skip it this year. The older 2 have already gone. Macky goes to the Best Western, Super 8 and the Country Inn to go swimming, so the Dells aren't really a big deal.. LOL Katie of course is to little to even care. She hates water anyway.

Paul has been super busy at the office. Dump Trucks seem to be needing repair this time of year. Word of advice to you if you own dump trucks. Power wash the under carriage of your trucks. Get all that gunk, dirt and yuck out of there. All hte grease zerks and such get filled up. Not pretty. And to top it off, all that crap eats the stuffing out of the frame and everything else under there. Proper maintanence will save you money in the end. Just ask the fellow that lost his driveshaft on the interstate. $4900.00 later his is wishing he had taken better care of his stuff.. LOL this includes cars, trucks.. whatever. Make sure if you are in the dirt or gunk that you are properly cleaning the undercarriage of your vehilces.
Okay.. enough of that work talk.. LOL

I am off to watch a movie. Sunday and I am so horribly tired all I want to do is lay here and do NOTHING!!!