Saturday, August 18, 2007

It is raining!! Gash darn raining!! ARG!! DOUBLE FRACK!! SPIT SPIT!!! I am sooooo stinking P'Oed right now!!! STOMPING MY FEET.. ohh... I am just so mad.. It just has to rain today... My friggin concert is tonight and now everything is going to be soaked, muddy and if it stops raining it is going to be muggy... I have been waiting all summer for this concert.. Steve Miller is one of my favorites.. VIP tickets, VIP tent with free food and beer, and front row sitting... GOSH DARNIT!!! Why the heck does my parade always get rained on?? ARGGGGGGGG!!!!!

Okay I have a plan.... I am going to insist that they put up a bubble over Constitution Park.. Get a ton of dryers out there and get the ground dry (at least my spot), and have it ready by 4pm. LOL!! I know, I know... but it was a thought.. LOL Don't think the govm't would actually do that just for me, but would have been great.. LOL

2 years ago when Journey was there, it rained the day before the concert. Big trenches were dug in the park by the tires of every vehicle they had out there setting up. It was awful. Funny to see the drunks fall, but not really cool.

Thankfully it is set up already from the Quiet Riot concert out there on Thursday night.. Slaughter sucked. Vince Neil didn't even sing his own songs, he did all the old group songs. Kind of upsetting.. Firehouse ROCKED!!! And holy crap did they all look old.. LOL Not saying alot for myself now.. LOL If they are getting old, then I must be too..

But.. back to the rain. It is really down-pouring right now. WOW!! Just looked at NOAA and the forcast til Tuesday is RAIN!! I love rain.. I really do... BUT NOT ON CONCERT NIGHT!!!! Oh.. Frack!!! I am going to go do laundry now and pout!!

Hope you all are having a good day so far... Cross your fingers this clears up for me.. Please....

Friday, August 17, 2007

Here are my headbands. Love them all and so do the girls. Got kind of sick of braiding them though. Now to the weaving. LOL

Here is what I am working on now. Sheepy Pants Longies. Very cool. Great pattern and a perfect one for beginners. I am using some handspun wool. Oh so lucious.. I really love it. Has some bits of "stuff" in it still, but it really is great to work with. So much lanolin in it still. Soft hands are a bonus.. LOL

It has been such a long week. I am very tired. I will be going to see the Steve Miller Band tomorrow night at the Army Concert tour Wi stop. I cannot wait. My dear brother gave me 2 VIP tickets to it. Gotta love that. LOL I am taking Baby Nick with me. That should prove interesting.. LOL So.. I am going to hang it up for the night.. Get some sleep so I can get my work done in the morning before getting ready for the concert.. LOL

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well.. this post is not my usual sort of post. I want to remind all of you that driving is an everyday occurance. You have a right to drive, but you also have a right to be safe while you are driving. It is your responsibility to make sure you are in safe condition to be driving when you are behind the wheel. This is what we were called out for at 12:30 am Saturday morning. The man driving this truck was tired. He fell asleep behind the wheel of a semi carrying hazardous material. Dry Ice. Very dangerous...
Take a look at these pictures and think of them every single time you get behind the wheel either tired or drunk or just plain in no shape to be driving..
I love you all.. I show you these only to help you understand what type of business I am in and what I see everyday.. It is scary and I hope that none of you ever have to see this or be part of it.. by the way. the driver of this truck survived. He broke his back and is covered in cuts, but he is alive and not paralized.. AMAZING!!

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