Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good morning!! Well.. almost afternoon.. LOL So.. I have unmolded my soaps and have them cut and ready to cure. This will take about 5 weeks of drying time. They smell heavenly. I will have to up my recipe size. They are still not the size i need them to be, but heck.. that is what testing is all about. LOL

I will probably use these as sample packs. You know.. 3 or 4 smallers bars wrapped together so sample the different recipes.. Anyway. Please disregard the jars of Salsa I canned.. And also disregard the Smirnoff Ice bottles in the background.. LOL Those were not mine.. Honest.. I am going to use them with a corked top to store my Kombucha tea.. LOL Seriously.. I am really not joking.. LOL