Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today is Courtneys 15th birthday. I cannot believe how fast they grow up. Sheesh. I am really getting old.. LOL

6 months until she gets her drivers permit. sighing here.. Brittni drove me crazy with the driving. Courtney will be worse.. LOL I just know it. I am already planning who I am going to backdoor into taking her driving. It just plain scares me having to teach it. Thankfully I have several months to plan it out.. LOL

Brittni is almost 18. September seems to be coming up really quick. She of course is taking the age thing to the max. Don't blame her, but she is really expensive to keep in gas. LOL Her friends talked her into driving her car (with my gas) all over the countryside looking for a beach that wasn't packed on a hot weekend.. WTF!! It takes $60.00 to fill her tank and I swear they burned $40 of it. They never found a "free" beach, so they ended up at a hotel pool.. LOL Did I mention it was only about 2 miles from our house?? ARG!!

Macky is as stubborn as ever, but gotta love her. LOL She is so upset that her summer school papers didn't get turned in. WE found it crumpled under the seat in the car today. She really wanted to participate in the fun activities, but so far she has been pretty much active. Birthday parties, sleepovers and the constant flow of friends here.

Katie is of course still getting into as much trouble as she can possibly find. I swear she just never stops. Course, you can't blame her. She cannot seem to help herself. she certainly acts before her brain engages.. LOL But. She is just to darn cute. How do you stay "serious" when they look at you with sparkling blue eyes and the most innocent look?? ARG!! LOL

Kids.. you gotta love em.

On another note. I hope all you flood victims are okay. I cannot even begin to imagine it. Our parking lot was flooded pretty bad. We had to rent pumps to get the water out. We found another leak in our basement. We are supposed to get more rain in the next couple days, but I am praying for sun. I love a good storm, but darn it.. I hate having to wade across the parking lot to get to the impound lot. LOL

Okay.. so as soon as I find my stupid camera cord, I will upload the pictures of the parade to you can see our wreckers again. And also the pictures of the new hats I have knit and crocheted. I made some really cute watermelon hats and a very cute pumpkin hat.. LOL Adorable!!