Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here is my progress. I finished the trim and the handle today. It is really coming along nicely. I was having a bit of difficulty figuring out what to use to line the bag, but I finally found a decent fabric to match it. It is not perfect, but will do nicely enough. I will be heading to my shop this afternoon to get it cut out and such. Will probably sew it up tomorrow. Just not in the mood to sew today. LOL!!

I have to get my baby mushroom finished too. Will probably do that tomorrow too. One never knows what is in store for me over at the office.. So.. making plans for the remainder of the day is useless. I do know that we finally got the Taurus fixed. It is a white 1998 and in pretty good condition. It is a tow in vehicle and the owner surrendered the car because the transmission was bad. We put a new one in it and it is a great car. Front wheel bearings are shot, but we will replace those soon. Now I get a car to drive instead of being a minivan soccer mom all the time.. YEAH!!! Not that I dont' like the minivan, I just never really wanted one of my own.. LOL I am more of a car type of person, but with 4 kids, a minivan is pretty much the only way to go. Especially when 2 are still in booster seats.. LOL

And here is Mr. Ultimately Disgusting.. The kids had a campfire last night and slept in a tent. Well.. This is what they found on the house. How gross is this. I have no idea what type of spider he is, but it is just sick. He has been relocated to the pine trees way out back.. LOL