Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Day to all..

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the first 2 ladies who have sent me bags.. S Reed and Jeanette. Thank you so much! I have a ton of bags to work with now. I will be dropping money in the mail for shipping on Monday. I really do appreciate it tremendously.. I have the kids sorting htem into color coordinations. I am sure I have enough for at least 5 more bags. YEAH!!!

Now.. I have a little personal info for you.. I have decided that my eldest 2 daughters no longer get to ride bicycles anymore.. LOL We just bought them each a new bike.. In the parking lot of the store, my daughters decided to ride them to the car. Eldest took a digger right over the handle bars and bruised up her leg horribly. It was really quite nasty. This was just a week or so ago.

2 days ago. My second eldest decided to go for a bike ride with eldest and her friend. So.. Dispite the fact that Poppy told them not to ride the old bike, she hopped on it and away they went. Eldest comes home in a panic and got the car. They arrive back home in an explosion of loud cries. Second eldest took a digger over the handle bars and has cuts on her foot, hide is scrapped off her hand and a HUGE bruise on her pelvic bone. Nasty.. so.. I call Poppy and have hime come over. He is the ER one in the family.. LOL Everything gets taken care of along with a lecture on how we do not tell them to stay off things just for the fun of it.. LOL We tell them things to keep them safe and injury free.. Here comes the big "Now do you see why we told you that bike was not safe??"

All is good today though. Other than the normal bickering between siblings.. LOL!! Gotta love that. So.. I am off now to get bags sorted and start cutting them into strips. Kids are doing a great job at sorting..

Monday, June 25, 2007

Okay, so yesterday was absolutely miserable. A tiny little bug decided to visit me early Sunday morning about 2ish am. Yeah.. really sucked. DH took the kids to the office with him for most of the day. And frankly.. I do not remember much of Sunday at all. Other than the trips to the bathroom. My stomach muscles are shot and I hurt in places I didn't know could hurt.. LOL

But.. The good news is I got a picture of the bag I made out of cut up WalMart bags. Notice the black speckles.. Kinda cool.. Let me know what you think..

And if you are wanting to donate bags, just give me a shout. I would love to take them off your hands. Makes no difference in color, size etc. I find that I can get different colored ones from the newspaper. The cute little ones the paper comes in.. Love em..

Hugs all, I am off to rest my aching self.. LOL With a little Vin Diesel on the screen..