Saturday, November 08, 2008

I couldn't stand it. I went to the office and got my camera. I wanted to share the pictures of my labels so you could see how they turned out. Even the imperfections are cool. A couple of them ripped and I thought they were ruined. But.. It just added character to each one. Enjoy

I had a stupendously long night last night. I made potion labels in 3 different sizes, gave both dogs a bath, did the dreaded dishes and laundry.. sigh... But.. I got confirmation that LJ received the shawl I crocheted for her. It is lovely and sooo stinking soft.. I loved making it.It was made with 3 different colored alpaca yarns. Anyone who has worked with alpaca yarn knows its a bit fibery and likes to shed, but it is sooooo worth it. I am glad she liked it..

Friday, November 07, 2008

So I decided to get a bit creative tonight. I am crafting for a future Harry Potter Craft Swap. I decided to make some labels for my bottles and figured i would share them all with you. I do not have pictures of the finished project since I left my camera at the office, but here is what I did..
1. print out your labels on white or cream paper. I just used regular printer paper.
2. Brew some really strong black tea. You can use coffee too if you want.
3. Crinkle up your paper and then flatten it out again.
4. lay your paper on a cookie sheet and pour your brewed coffee or tea onto the paper and let it soak a few minutes.
5. Take your paper out of the cookie sheet and let it dry. Air drying takes to long, so I use the fan or a hair dryer.. LOL
6. If it isn't dark enough for you, redo the process until it is.
7. Get some clear acrylic sealer in the craft department. I use the stuff that is made to preserve maps and spray it on your dried paper. I like to use 3 coats, but use your own judgment. The sealer comes in matte or gloss finish. I got the matte finish and will test it out. I may get some gloss too just to see what I like better.
8. Let dry completely and cut out. Use a glue stick to adhere it to your bottles or jars.
Okay.. Now that is said.. Here are the labels. You are welcome to print them out, alter them or whatever you want to do. But.. Please do not sell them. These are created for free and I would like to keep them that way.

So I am completely late on posting pitures of Halloween this year, but here are a few. My darlings were smashing.. Macky and Katie had a blast. We went to Trick or treat Street. The businesses in the city put it on every year. Long lines and not real fun, but the kids like it.. LOL Here are pictures of the waiting and primping in line.. LOL

We stopped at Kevins house. Kevin is a long time aquaintance turned friend. He also is one of our tow truck drivers.. Anyway.. He turned his deceased neighbors house into a haunted house. It was stinkin' great! Scared the crap out of me with his nephew. This nephew is taking after his father and uncle.. I swear they live for scaring hte wits out of me.. LOL Great fun!! So.. Now that the holidays are over, it is time for me to finally get going on Christmas.. I really gotta get moving or I am going to be one of those Christmas Eve shoppers. I really hate it too.. I am generally finished by now.. I have barely started.. Have a great day to all.. I am off to work.