Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Okay.. so you all know how I told you a while back about a webiste called Big Crumbs? Well.. it works. No kidding at all..

I am an ebay aholic.. LOL I love to shop online. I have already made back $5.67 I am not saying you will get rich, but I figure.. I will be able to get something for free eventually.. LOL

So.. aside from that I have been feeling kinda poor. On January 11th I discovered I had the beginnings of Bells Palsey. Now if that isn't a kick in the butt itself.. It is the 4th time I have had it. PITA!!

For those of you that do not know what it is, it is when the 7th cranial nerve that runs thru your temperal lobe bone swells up and cuts off the blood flow to the millions of nerves in your face. Hence a complete paralysis of the face.. No blinking, no smiling, no anything..

I was put on steroids and an anti-virual. Both of which suck.. Weight gain, heartburn, acid reflux.. all the goodies.. Including no sleeping.. LOL

I am however getting a bit better. Just gotta get past the open eye syndone.. LOL
so.. I am off..