Friday, March 13, 2009

I have received the best random acts of kindness in the last couple weeks. I have been horribly late in posting about them, but I absolutely love them.

Minde of TwoSouls Earth Threads has gifted me with the most beautiful felted purse ever. It is soooo perfect for me. I have it filled and being used as I type. I cannot thank her enough. It is the absolute best. Super thick and has a perfect pocket inside so I do not lose my damn phone all the time.. LOLMy second package is so awesome... I received a hemp key ring, 2 hemp bracelets and a hemp necklace from Iris who is a member of HippieSews yahoo group. She is so fantastic. I also received in that same package the cutest little pal for my office desk. It was made by Kimmy and it is my all time favorite.. Thank you both.. It was very kind of you and I am loving every piece.