Saturday, June 23, 2007

Okay.. so I know I am slacking in the blog area.. LOL Time just keeps getting away from me. I just started a new apron top.. Way to cute.. I just gotta get a sewing dress form. I can't model and take pictures you know.. LOL

I finally treated myself to a new purchase for all the hard work I am putting in at the office.. A 50 inch tv.. yep.. blew a crapload of money on something I never have time to watch.. Course, it is a great excuse to be sick and have to stay home from work right?? LOL I would never do that.. not me.. I love working my arse off.. NOT HARDLY!!!

On a different note.. (attention deficit taking over).. My lawn is really coming up now.. I will have to get some new picture up to show you.. WOW!! that contractors grass grows like crazy. I am mowing the lawn every 4 days it seems.. And it is the brightest green.. Not like the rest of it.. I figure I iwll have to get more of it and see if I can't blend it in.. LOL I currently have meduim and light green in patchy spots, but at least it isn't dirt anymore.. LOL Nice and soft and you can even walk on it without rocks killing your toes.. LOL

Another change of subject.. (I should really get some medicine for this attention problem I am having tonight.LOL) I DJ'ed at McCoys on Thursday night.. What a blast.. There were troops from everywhere.. I just couldn't believe how many people were there. Baby Nick got lost.. LOL His Sgt. called Paul and told him that they couldn't find Nick. LOL Baby got drunk and went out with a lady friend is my guess. He says he doesn't remember, but we know he just doesn't want to admit it.. LOL I will definately be holding that over his head for a while. I know I probably shouldn't, but who the heck can resist.. LOL I am grinning horribly at the thought of teasing him come Monday morning.. LOL

Well.. it is after midnight and I am soo tired. Guess I am going to pour myself into bed. Here is hoping I get a really awesome dream tonight.. I don't think I can stand another boring one..

Night all my lovely friends.. Love you all!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wanted... PLASTIC BAGS!!!

Hey all.. I am on to another great project. It only took me 55 plastic walmart bags.. LOL But.. I crocheted it into a delightful bag. I haven't taken pictures of it yet, but... I will do that tomorrow.. So.. If you have any grocery bags, newspaper bags, or any other plastic bags that you just throw away.. Email me.. I would gladly take them off your hands. All I really have access to are the white and black ones, so colored ones would be cool to have.. is my personal email address..

It is amazing what you can create when you set your mind to it.. I am off to bed now that I just finished this bag. Wish I had taken pictures of the other ones before they were hocked.. LOL Night..