Thursday, June 17, 2010

So I started a new job at Jolivettes Family Farms on June 5th.  I have to say that it is one of my favorite jobs ever.  Surprise, surprise...  I figured I was going to be doing some produce selling or some other boring ass thing.  WRONG!!!  I am a tractor driver.. lol  

They asked me "Can you drive a tractor?"
I said "noooooo"...
They asked "Do you want to learn?"... hahaha
And of course my response was "Well sure... Why not"

So here I am learning to drive tractor..  It is a blast.. I love it..

It really is great...  I even made a video.. hahaha... But you have to ignore my rambling.. I was just to excited!!  If I can figure out how to get it on here I will upload it...

This one is great, but I didn't have as much fun driving it as I thought I would..  The other one has a bigger motor and really hauls butt!!
And here is the fruit of my labor..  Ignore the fact that it is my chest... but dang it.. a sunburn from hell... 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I trust you all had a wonderful Mothers Day!  Mine was fantastic..   A very lazy day..  With 4 beautiful daughters I have been blessed beyond words.  My babies are soooo perfect (of course I may be slightly biased).  My girls decided to get mom some fantastic gifts this year.  My absolute favorite things..  FLOWERS!!!

My gosh I just love them all...  I have been planning on making a victorian(ish) garden in the back yard this year.  I think these will be a great start..  Thank you my angels!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Geezzzz....  It has been forever since I posted to my blog.. I swore I was going to get better at it..LOL 

Alot has been happening in my life...  Starting with all the house fixing up...  I did some trim work, but need to get that finished..  Here is a couple sample pictures of what it looks like.

Now... I have also been doing a bit of crocheting... I love to crochet.. hahaha...  I am particularly fond of this new pattern I found on Ravelry   Ravelry has the largest collection of patterns out there..  Very worthwhile if you like to crochet or knit.

These are all made using the Chromium Star Pattern
The idea was to use up all the stashes of Red Heart Yarn I had packed away in tote bins..  I am a complete sucker for sales, so when I find yarn on sale I tend to go over board..  So.. I bought very little yarn for these 3 afghans...  The rainbow one is completely done..  Macky claimed that one..  The primary colored one is Katies.   Not completely done yet..  Ran out of a few colors and refuse to buy more until I get thru a few more totes.. LOL...  And I am not really sure who will get the blue one..  It is complete and very cute..

Next up...  I have a fondness of making crocheted roses too...  My Grandma had a bunch of little granny squares made that I was not going to use, so i pulled them out and made these...
I do have a pack of 10 left over that I have listed in my Etsy Store..  Here is the direct link..  I would also be happy to make them in any color you'd like if you wanted a custom order..  As long as I have it on hand there would be no price change..  If I special order yarn, then I would need to adjust the price...

And speaking of my Etsy Store, I have a huge clearance sale with free shipping going on with most of my crocheted items..  Sale link is here...

So there....  hahaha.. I have updated you on my projects.. At least a few of them..  I am working on Coffee Cup Sleeves at the moment..  They are knit and quite fun to make..   These will be stocking stuffers for Christmas this year..  yes.. I know..  Christmas planning already.. I really gotta get back to having all my gift giving wrapped up by Halloween..  So much easier and makes a less rushed holiday season....

Love you all...  I am off to get some dishes done and the kids in the tub... 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The wood flooring is finally in..  Well  it has actually been in for a week or so..  I am loving it sooo much...  I will share some pictures with you..  The boys did a fantastic job..  Thankfully one of them worked for a flooring company so he had the basic idea of how to do it.  Didn't realize how much work it really was going to be..  But  Here we go..  this is  my front door entry..  I was going to carpet it, but decided to use the wood just to be different.. hahaha  You can see that the living room carpet has already been installed..  I did the carpet and this section of wood flooring by myself..  Notice there is no wood trin on anything..  Those will all be replaced with knotty pine firring..

Now we move on to the dining room.  This is my huge cold window that leads out to my deck..  you can see a chair thru the curtains.. hahaha..  Anyway.. I was able to cut and lay this section of the flooring myself.  See the ugly tile beneath the padding.. YUCK.. I liked it a long time ago..  But not anymore.. lol

Again my progress amazes me..  I stopped there and realized that I was going to need more people to help me with it.  This is laid in long strips and you have to have extra hands to hold it in place..  SIGH...  Hit a darn sandbar in the middle of my peaceful river...  But wait...  Is it possible I know some nice boys to help me? 

OMGosh yes.. I do..  James and David to the resuce!  They came over right away and started in.  Didn't take them long to figure out it was going to be a pain in the butt to do.. lol
Courtney and Macky decided to sit and plan.. See how it all turned out and tease the boys at every turn...  The boys worked very hard to get the measurements just right for cutting around my pain in the arse island and counters...

Here is David snapping one of the long strips.  We had to do a few rows at a time to get the measurements for the counter edge cuts..

So this is where my fridge and stove go.. I totally FREAKED OUT at this part...  As we were laying it.. I discovered a huge hole behind the fridge section.  I thought it was a darn mouse hole..  Nope..  To my incredible relief it was just the hole for the old fridge with the water dispenser.. hahaha..  I almost started crying.. I am not a fan of mice!

You can see what we are doing here..  Cutting around the island and cupboards.  It was not hard, just time consuming.
This is the other end of the above picture.

Here it is all put together where the table sits.  I just love it..  It is so much nicer and way different.  Once the wood trim gets installed it will be just perfect!

Okay.. so ignore the half human child on the edge of the picture.. hahaha..  That is Macky supervising my picture taking skills..  We got the fridge and stove put back so we could actually cook..  Hadn't been able to do that in 2 days.. lol  TAKE OUT!!!

And the edging was installed by Brian my savior!  He graciously came over after work on night..  11pm ish to put my strips in.  This is the seperation from the dining room and the living room..  I love it!!

So.. as soon as I get the trim done I will take much better pictures of the finished project..  Not overly hard if you have extra hands..  Next up will be Katies room and the bathroom!!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I hope that you all are surviving this very cold winter..  I have been remodeling my house..  New carpet, laminate flooring... real wood trim that I will be doing myself..  It is just soooo great.. I didn't think to take before pictures, but I did get some while we were doing things.. I will post them soon..  You just have to ignore the mess.  Everything is all over the place since I don't have an awful lot of room.

My friend, Brian, took me to Menards tonight to get the wood for the trim.. I got some fantastic knotty wood..  Once I put the poly on it, it will look fantastic.. I got glossy for a nice shiney finish.. I got the idea from Brians parents house..  OMG it is a great home.. Wish it were mine.. lol 

I have decided that I will need some carsiding to trim up all my cupboards..  It will look great too and add alot of character to the kitchen.

On another note...  James and David are coming over around noon tomorrow to help me finish the flooring.  I took a nasty spill on the ice this morning and my left shoulder is really messed up..  Hurt like crazy.  The neighbor said I was so graceful.. Just like an angel when I was falling but said that I was none to graceful when I landed..  DUH!!!  Does anyone really land pretty? I think not!

I am heading to bed now..  Been a long day and Mama is tired.. lol