Friday, August 21, 2009

I hope everyone is having a great summer.. I wanted to give an update on my new store.. I have rented a storefront in downtown Sparta, Wisconsin... It is a small shoppe... but it is definately perfect.. It is all painted.. I have some shelves in there now.. Still need more of those.. Will be looking at some today.. Hope they are what i am looking for. We have the counters and my desk in there now too.

I have started taking products there, but it looks so empty.. I need to get some plants and such in there so it is more filled looking.. And it really needs my touch. I love big plants, so i will go shopping for some of those this weekend.. I will be uploading before and after picks once i get further along in getting it set up how I want it.

I have a doctor appointment today at 2pm. I am hoping that everything is healing the way it is supposed to. I had some set backs. But.. as far as i can tell things are getting better much faster than i expected. I will keep you posted on that. Let me remind you all.. If you are a smoker and want a breast reduction... stop smoking first.. and do not start up again.. It really slows the healing process...

So.. I am becoming much closer to my Asif in London. He and I talk every night on yahoo messenger with our web cams. It is so nice to have something to look forward to each day.. He is sooooo sweet.. I cannot wait to get back there to see him. I feel like I have found the other half of my heart. The one that we all search for all our lives.. I just wish I had found him long ago. Something to be said for traveling to other countries.. LOL

Anyway.. I have been learning the Urdu language. It is very cool.. I am not making great progress, but it is a difficult language to learn. I will keep learning so that I can communicate with his family. Thankfully Asif speaks english very well..
Did i mention is voice is incredible.. lol It just melts me.. Anyway.. I have to get moving.. HAve a great day to all.. Hugs....Oh.. here is a picture of my janu. Isn't he just yummy!!!