Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Okay.. so here I am.. I had to share this picture of myself. Dang... I look much younger in this picture than I really am.. I took it on my webcam.. LOL

So.. I am feeling much better today. Did a bunch of light cleaning today. It felt great to do some of the stuff that has been getting overlooked. I have been spending part of my time learning Urdu. It is a very complicated language to learn, but I am catching on to some of it. BTW.. if anyone knows of some learning materials for this language, please please please let me know..

So.. Have any of you seen Tyler Perrys Madea goes to Jail? LOL if you.. you have got to see it.. It is so dang funny. I almost wet myself laughing.. I love all the Tyler Perry movies..

Well.. hate to leave, but I gotta get to the store before it closes.. Hugs to all