Friday, July 27, 2007

Recycled "Plastic Bag" Bag Pattern

this pattern assumes you have pre cut, connected and rolled "plastic bag" yarn.

With I hook
Foundation row: Chain 15.
Round 1: sc in second chain from hook and in each chain across to 2nd chain.
3 sc in first chain and sc in each ch on foundation row. 2 sc in last chain. slip stitch to beginning sc.
chain 1.
Round 2: SC in each sc around except the middle sc in the( 3 sc clump) on the ends. 3 sc need to be put there. This will increase your bottom while allowing it to remain slightly flat. slilp stitch to first sc. chain 1
Round 3, 4 and 5: repeat round 2
Round 6: Working in front loops only this round.. Sc in each front loop of each sc around. No increases. This makes the bag take shape. No need to slip stitch to first sc.. Just mark your rows..
Round 7 thru 22: In both loops sc in each sc around.
You can make this as tall as you like...
End round: Slip stitch around and tie off.

Lay your bag flat.. Mark off the end 5 stitches on each side. You will be crocheting into these 10 stitches only.. the rest will be skipped..

Round 1: Attach your "yarn" to the first sc in one of your marked 5 sc's. sc in those 5, chain 50, sc in next 5 marked sc's, chain 50 and attatch to first sc.
Round 2: Sc in first 5 stitches, ss in next 50 ch's, 5 sc, ss in next 50 ch's.
Round 3 and 4: SC in each stitch around both loops.
At end of round 4 finish off. Test your bag out and see how it works for you.

Feel free to adjust the pattern in any way you choose. This is just meant as a guidline..
YEAH!!!! Guess what.. I got all the taxes paid. Ontime.. Again.. My track record for keeping up is amazing even myself.. LOL!! The IRS and the Wis. Dept of Rev. is probably shittin' bricks at my ontime rarity.. LOL

Got a package of bags in the mail yesterday and another today.. YEAH!!! More to cut up. I lost my darn Q hook.. Gotta go get a new one if it doesn't turn up soon.

I also got the offer of a trade for longies. Just put in an order for some good quality wool. Nice earthy colors.. Love it.. SH is not real impressed at my stash.. But.. What the heck. I paid the taxes ontime didn't I.. LOL

Chalyn.. Thank you for the bags.. I have a check ready to send out tomorrow for the shipping.. W. Threlkeld... I cannot make out the address to send your check to.. Could you drop me a line..

I have also just got my new website up and running. Still working on it a bit, but it is up.. Bare bones, but hey.. I paid the taxes on time right!!
You can visit it at

I got Pauls websites up and running too..

Still works in progress, but cool nonetheless..

I am off to cut up bags since I can't crochet them until I get that hook found.. Dogs probably took it..

Oh.. forgot to telll you all a funny story... We grilled out chicken and corn on the cob the other night.. I woke up yesterday morning to a bed full of chewed up corn cobs.. LOL Yep.. dogs got into the garbage. Ate all the chicken bones and drug the rest of the crap into my bed.. YUCK!! Looking back on it, it is pretty funny.. Gross.. but funny..

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hi all,
I have updated the list of names that have donated bags to me. There are a bunch more and I would love to give you acknowledgement, but not sure hwo you are.. LOL No names on the boxes.
Thank you to all those who have graciously donated bags to me. I have mailed out a total of 33 checks to date for postage. All have received but one (2 checks send and not received as of yet.. Not sure the problem, but working to fix this). If you have not receive your postage check, please let me know so I can get it to you.
I have been cutting bags all morning. At this time I have enough for a while. You are welcome to continue sending bags, but the bank for funds is dry.. LOL So, if you require shipping reimbursement, please check with me as to the fund status. I am thinking of selling a couple bags to make money for the recycle fund. That way I can pay shipping for more bags.. LOL
Anyway.. I am off to get some yard work done. Gotta get theweeds pulled in the tomato patch before I overgrow again.. LOL Everything is coming nicely except my acorn squash and the watermelon. Not sure why they aren't growing, but I will have to give them some special attention.
off I go..