Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have been super busy all weekend making soap and firestarters. I have uploaded a bunch of them into my etsy store. I have vanilla coffee scrub soap, juniper breeze with poppy seeds, melon shea butter soap, fruit blast soap, herbal peppermint lavener soap.. Just all kinds.. I even have one that smells exactly like a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie.. YUM!!

I added some pictures below of my firestarters. The reddish ones are a mulberry blend that smells like the holidays.. LOL The whiter ones are white tea. What a nice delicate scent. Sood thin I like it cause I have 12-8 ounce bottles of it to use up.

Nothing much happened this weekend. The older kids were both at friends houses for basically the whole weekend. Brittni is out at a buck Cherry concert tonight. Shoudl be a great concert. Macky and Katie spent the day getting all sugared up with Pops.. He has a way of winding them up and sending them home. One day I will have paybacks.. LOL

Okay. So enough rambling. Go check out my store and I am off to bed. Hugs