Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Here we are .. the end of March and I haven't posted in forever. Just so busy getting things in order at the office.. but.. Here I am. I really didn't fall off the face of the earth. I have been sick, kids been sick, dh sick, cat sick and both dogs sick in the last couple months. Isn't that something.. LOL I have to show you all something. This is a month ago here in WI.. Just a month..

Isn't that something.. LOL DH is in the cat having himself a grand ol time.. Here are a couple of the kids enjoying themselves.. Notice Macky is in the tree.. Guess what happened??? Yep... she fell out..

Now.. You might be asking what I was doing when all this snow was being moved and played in... Yep.. you guessed it.. I was knitting socks.. Cute socks too..

These are Katies.. Bitty size 5s. And these are the matching ones for Macky. A size 12.

These are my chain link socks I did for a knitalong. They are soooo comfy.. I just love them. Size 7 adult.

I, of course, have knit and crocheted lots more, but havn't had time to take pictures.. LOL.. Will get to that soon..
I did finally get my own sewing studio. I am not completely moved into it yet, but working on it slowly between office and kids. I will take pictures tomorrow and post them so you can see what I have to work with.. It is nice. I love it. Pellet Stove and everything..
I will also get some pictures up of my polka dot room and Katies nature room.. More as they are finished. I can't wait to begin with Mackys fairy room.. Not sure if she is planning on keeping that theme yet. She is 7 and changes her mind as much as I do.. LOL