Friday, December 19, 2008

I wanted to share with you all.. I have been in love with "Moo Cards" forever. Cute.. And a great addition to packages.. If don't properly, you could use them as a cute hang tag on your products after they are wrapped in tissue paper and such..

Anyway.. I found a gal on Etsy ..... ..... that designs them as a standard postcard...There are 10 designs on the card and you have them printed and cut them yourself.. A utility knife and ruler would work perfectly. Well.. I purchased her listing and she was sooo fast.. Bought it one day.. the next I had my proof and got my final design today.. NICE!!! I figure I will order them from Vistaprint since that is where I get my business cards..

So.. If you are thinking of having moo type cards, check her out.. You can get 1000 of them for way less than the price of 100. You just need to ues a little elbow grease.. LOL

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wild Honeysuckle

Hot Chocolate Milk

Lemon Lime

Dragons Fire

Here are my latest soaps.. They all are to die for and are all in my Etsy store.. There is a link to the left if you are interested.. Lots of goodies to see there.. Okay.. Back to the soap pot.. I have Nag Champa and Victorian Rose cooking.. LOL

So.. coming up I have Victorian Rose, Nag Champa, Storm Watch, and Amber Musk.. YUMMY bunch of soaps for ya.. Most will be ready on Monday.. I am hoping to get soaping time tomorrow.. I have some fragrance that smells just like the wintermint lifesavers that I would like to get made up. That one is my all time FAVORITE.. YUM!!