Saturday, June 02, 2007

Here are some pictures of the beautiful day we had today. Aren't these clouds just gorgeous!

So.. Here are some of the storm moving in. It is really starting to get ugly out now. So far we still have electricity on my side of town. It has gone out 2 times jut across town. The lightening is fantastic! The thunder is so deep it just rattles your chest. I really love this kind of weather.

And here is a picture of the boys with a flipped car. Thankfully this is not an accident car. Just a practice car. Nick is on top of the car in all black. Kevin is the one with the white shirt. Paul (DH) is the one in the brown pants. We flipped this car, and let the boys practice flipping it upright. They did alot better than I expected. Quicker too.
Today is a beautiful day.. Sunny.. not really hot... YET! Brittnis boyfriend is here for the day. Nice kid. He is quiet. Kinda nice since Brittni is on the louder side of the spectrum.. LOL I suspect he is quiet since it is his first time meeting me.
Lucky boy gets to try and pass the "step father" test.. LOL That should be fun to watch..
My yard is finally getting green. I pulled out so many weeds. Replanted grass seed since the rain washed alot of it away. I watched it float down the road.. LOL Someone is gonna have fun when it sprouts where ever it ended up..

My wonderful neighbor and I got into a bit of a tiff.. Rotten arse decided to put all his tree cuttings and pulled up shrubs in MY yard. When I asked him to get it out of my yard he had the balls to say.. "that is wehre I always put it". Nice huh! I said "well I am going to be a bitch and tell you to trash your own yard and leave mine alone". Course he then told me that since mine looked like shit anyway what difference did it make.. That really pissed me off. Hello buddy!!! I am in the middle of reconstruction on my yard. Landscaping from hell and he has teh balls to be a jerk like that.. Well.. I woke up the next morning to a full bag of garbage in my backyard. What an ass. I of course got into a mood. I figured it must have been an accident and returned it all to them. Course the knot on the garbage bag ripped open mid toss into their backyard and it all ended up in their pool.. Needless to say.. We haven't had any more trouble with them in that respect.

Now.. I am in the process of planning out my yard still. I really want to become a bit more sufficient. We are thinking about solar panels. That would be really nice, but pretty darn costly. I am going to build some raised bed gardens. I have my herbs and everything in pots, but that isn't really working for me anymore. I really want to have more of a English garden look. Without taking away from playroom for the kids. If I have them raised, the kids will not "accidentally" crush them.. LOL
Watch this.. it is really neat.