Saturday, November 11, 2006

Okay, this is sooo funny that I had to share it with you all.
Well, lets see.. Today has been a great day.. I took the girls shopping for snowpants and jackets today. We have snow on the ground and figured I had better get them new stuff before school on Monday.. Brittni couldn't find anything she liked and just wants to keep her stuff from last year. Saves me tons of money, but she did ask to get her schnoze (sp??) pierced.. LOL She is 16 and working on her license too.. Courtney got some garments that didn't fit, so I will have to take those back. Macky (McKenzie) got a new coat, snowpants and boots. She picked a brown coat with fuzzy around the hood. Really cute.. No snowpants at the first store, so we went on to the next. Found a great pair of snowpants there in brown. Really neat too. They have a gripper on the inner bottom. They under part will not slip up. Does that make sense. It grips the boots and therefore will not ride up so the snow stays out of her boots. We also found Katie a pair of cute snowboots that totally match her snowpants from last year. They were to big so she never got to wear them. They actually fit this year. Wait... Brittni did find a pack of socks she liked. Penguins on them.. LOL Can't believe I forgot about those.. Big production on how cute they were.. LOL
I bought some really cute sock yarn today. I only have access to Lion brand striping sock yarn, so ... I bought 3 skeins of it.. Cute. Should make some neat socks.. Will post pictures when I get my camera charged.. Well.. I am off to finish up a hat I am knitting on a round loom.. You will be impressed..