Saturday, October 21, 2006

Well, here goes.. My week started out decent and productive.. However, yesterday I thought it would be fun to fall down the stairs. Yep.. figured out it wasn't and would rather never do that again. I think I broke my backside.. LOL Pride too. Thankfully nobody actually saw me to it..

But, I have started a pair of knit pants for my 4yr old dd. She is sooo proud and keeps trying to wear them while they are on my needles.. She is a charmer for sure. I will post a picture soon. It is supposed to be a soaker longie made out of wool. Since it is a test run for a pattern I am creating, I figured I would use acrylic so it wasn't to expensive if it doesn't turn out.

Here is a picture of it in progress.

I did get my place setting finished. I am going to put it on a tray to take to my neighbor with Xmas breakfast. I think it turned out pretty nice. I finished it on Wednesday.