Friday, November 24, 2006

Well, here they are. Finished and on. I love them. Not as soft as I had hoped they would be, but after washing them, maybe they will fluff up a bit. I was able to get the stripes pretty darn perfect. The heel is slightly off, but not to bad.

These were based on the Lion brand Magic Stripes basic sock pattern. I did a 56 stitch cast on. K1p1 ribbing for 10 rows. Will never do that again. Way to baggy in the ankle for me. Maybe a k3p2 will tighten it up some. Then I did straight knit for 10 rows. I used the pattern for the heel flap, gusset and toe shaping. The kitchner (sp?) stitch was way less complicated than I thought it would be. I actually didn't mind it at all. I like that they aren't pointy. Nice and rounded.

I just pulled out the 2nd sock of my ROY G BIV socks. I will get cracking on that tomorrow. If I can get that one to fit right, I will frog the first one and do it over. I really like the sock. They are way to cute and will be nice and toasty. This Wisconsin winter looks like it could be a really cold one. Soooo,, warm socks will be mighty nice.

Sue asked me to post a picture of the Doodlepants I made. So here they are. I made these ones as a test run. First ever, so I used Red Heart acrylic yarn. Cheaper in case I really messed up. The only thing I didn't like about them is that the crotch is so squared. I think I will add a gusset next time. Katie loves these.

I changed a few things.. First, I did a fold over waist and encased elastic. No drawstrings.. My DD isn't allowed drawstrings. She has a liking for putting things around her neck.. LOL So, after many trial and errors, we stick to elastic. Then for the cuff, I did a seed stitch. It turned out really nice. I added a pocket and a cute little heart just for fun.. Anyway,,, Since you asked, here they are.. These normally would be made into wool longies using at least 75%wool yarn.. Wool absorbs moisture and neutralizes odor when properly lanolized, so if you are a cloth diaper family, these are a great alternative to rubber pants.. Very nice and breathable.


Thanksgiving was great!!!

We went to Mom's for the day. Everyone was there and we had a great time. Turkey, ham, and the works.. I think I gained about 20 pounds. I had a tummy ache even after I got up this morning.. LOL

The kids played outside most of the day. It was really beautiful. Not warm, but definately decent..

We went down to Grandpa's after we ate at Mom's. All the Aunts and Cousins were there. It was nice to have them all there since I don't usually get to see most of them except at holiday time.

Then I went home. Did my finishing touches on my Black Friday trip. Figured I would get it all planned out.. My sister was going to meet me at Best Buy hoping we would get a couple of those $189.00 computers.. Well, she called at 8:30pm and told me that there were already 30 or so people there with tents and sleeping bags.. Yes.. You did read that right.. Can you imagine.. LOL I was peeved to say the least.. So then my Aunt, who was also going to meet up with me after I got the computers, called to say that there were over 50 people there when she drove by at 10 pm. WEEEELLLL... there was no point in me leaving the house at midnight.. LOL No chanc eof getting a computer since the store only had 10.

So I ended up sleeping til 4am. Got up this morning and hit Macys, Shopko, Target, Kohls, and Wal-Mart. Didn't get but 2 things I was after and I could have gotten them anytime.. LOL Jipped out of sleep for nothing.. But... I did enjoy it for the most part.. I got to see the sun come up and it was pretty darn beautiful this morning.. No fog, so it was clear as a bell...

So, now that I have written a book, I am off to bed. 3 hours of sleep just didn't cut it one single bit. LOL