Friday, May 04, 2007

Here we are. Friday night. Yep.. sitting at home being bored and a bum.. Had a pretty hectic day, but not so bad. Now.. I have discovered that I am now a total redneck.. Why you might ask. Well.. Every single person on the street has nice lucious green grass growning. Beautiful flowers blooming and superb lawn decorations.. What does this have to do with me being a redneck.. LOL Look at the following pictures and tell me what you think..LOL

so really.. I am actually doing some landscaping. The creeping charlie is out of control. The yard was filled with gravel due to my yard being the waterway. And to top it off, the holes were incredible since my pooch can't seem to restrain himself. LOL I can't wait until it is finished. It is going to be wonderful being able to walk on actual grass instead of weeds..

So.. Whatcha all up to tonight? I figure I am going to curl up in bed and watch a movie and hope that one of my low-life friends (who all have things to do tonight without me)gives me a call. No.. not sour.. Just mildly annoyed.. LOL

Thursday, May 03, 2007

So.. I now have a myspace.. I love it.. LOL We are having a good time with it. Not to mention that I can keep track of the kids that way. They have them too. Without my permission and behind my back.. Little shits!

Paul got crushed by the tailgate of a dump truck the other day. Thankfully it got his hips instead of his head.. Insurance isn't paid up.. LOL Just kidding.. He really did get hurt. His hips are funny looking. Like one is more out front than the other. Bet it shifted them. I keep telling him he needs to get a second opinion. The xrays only showed that the bones weren't broke. He is getting around a bit better, but bruised and slow going.

Brittni is now hounding to use the car all the time. I am having a hard time letting go of the "my little girl" thing.. Sheesh.. Oh yeah... She met a boy at the races and they are now "dating".. LOL He is a cutie and in a band. She is going to see them play on Wednesday. Not sure what kind of trouble they will get into.

Courtney is hitting softball hard this year. They are doing really well. That girl can smack the ball hard and far. She really has a powerful swing.. Makes a mom proud!

Macky has been sick. High to med fever with no real reason behind it. They tested for Lymes.. Waiting on the results now.

Katie.. Well.. She is just a pain in the butt 5 year old.. LOL Getting into her own little personality and taking after the smart mouth of Courtney. She has been taught well.. LOL

Me.. I have just been floating around being me..

Now, I did have some excitement here yesterday.. GROANING!!! I did not know that Paul had ordered a load of dirt for the yard and to my surprise it showed up yesterday morning right after I got out of the shower..

Here is the scene.. I am soaked and bare running thru the house chasing the dog who took my towel.. Curtains open wide letting in the superb morning sunlight. I hear a noise, stand straight up and look out the window only to see the dump truck and the guy driving standing there.. Not cool!!! I almost died of embarrasment. How horrible was that!! Let me tell you.. Have you ever seen a smile on a person that just hollered out.. I JUST SAW YOU NAKED AND WET!!!LOL Well.. That was the smile I received..

Needless to say.. I ran for the bedroom and hid until he left.. LOL

Keep smiling.. Life holds many surprises for us each day!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

So today was pretty mellow. Gorgeous, sunny and warm. Baby Nick came over and mowed my lawn while I sat on the deck drinking a soda watching him.. LOL

Can life get better than that.. Why yes.. yes it can.. snickering...

My neighbor who happens to be in the military had his entire unit at his house today getting his pool and yard ready for summer.. Let me just say ladies.. Oh YEAH!!!! Life just cannot get better than over 25 guys in shorts, no shirts and totally in shape walking around outsite while you are sitting there lounging.. LOL What a beautiful sight that was!! Best part was when they started singing Akon "Smack that.." It was so funny I could not resist laughing, which in turn made them all show off like school boys.. LOL

What a beautiful day!!

I also went shopping today. I found some great tops on sale at Wal-Mart. Gosh I really hate shopping there. But, they were only $4.00 so I grabbed them. Cute. If they don't fit, the girls will love them. Course I grabbed up some under clothing too.

On the topic of under clothing, I have to ask.. Have you ever noticed how everything is all padded these days? Now I ask you.. Who the hell in their right mind who wears a 44DD wants or needs a padded bra? I don't get it. They aren't big enough already that you have to have padding? I really do not get it.. I am a 38D ( more info than you needed right...) and I just cannot imagine wearing a padded bra. Mine are HUGE already without adding more to it. Guess I am destined to be confused.. LOL

So, now that we have that covered.. How was your day? I hope you were one of us that got to enjoy a bright sunny day.

Off to bed I go. Gotta call Baby Nick at 5:30 to take a Bander back to Northern Engraving by 6:00. So, if I have to get up that early, I am going to bed.. LOL