Friday, December 12, 2008

So.. as you know i am picking up my new ride today.. YAY!!! About time too.. so.. I thought I would post a picture for you all to enjoy.. Here she is..

Course if they would move that darned Escalade, you could see her better.. LOL

Okay.. seriously.. I am going to pick up my new car today. I have this thing for not being willing to spend all that money for a "brand newoff the lot" vehicle.. I just think it is a waste of money.. You drive it off the lot and immediately lose $3000.00 on its value.. I think it is just plain dumb.. Anyway.. I finally decided... I am signing the papers on a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan STX at 10 am.. It is going to be great to be driving my own vehicle again.. The kids car is just to damn small...

I will take some pictures and post them after i pick it up..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OMG!! I have to share what I ordered for the kids for Christmas... You are just going to die.... LOL My eldest wanted a sock monkey for so long.. I could have made them, but why when I found this wonderful seller on ETSY... Yep.. You cannot get any better than these..

Pictures are copyrighted to puncezilla (please do not use them as your own)

So.. The top one with the blue hair is for Brittni.. The one with the lightest hair (middle 2nd photo) is for Katie since she is blonde.. Coutrney is getting red/orange haired one(first in second photo) since she is my Earthy girl.. and Macky is getting the bright one with the red hair( last one in second photo). That one just suits her.. LOL So there you have it.. You have got to order one of these.. I bought the first one and then thought to ask if she did customs.. Yep.. she was incredible about making the other 3 for me and her shipping was sooo freaking fast.. Holy crap... They were here weeks before I expected them...

Here is her link...