Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Well, today has been busy.. LOL And I didn't do a thing. Headache from hell...

I am up now. Excedrin migraine is a wonderful pill.. LOL

I have been asked to host a Harry Potter Death by... challenge. You may ask... what the heck is that??? Let me explain...

Basically this is what happens once you sign up.. (a yahoo group is formed so that all participants are together)

1. An item is chosen.. scarf, tote bag, hat, socks, etc...
2. if you decide to participate, you will be given a victim. This is the person you are making the item for.
3. The object is to be the first to complete and send your item to your victim before someone sends an item to you. If you receive an item, you will need to stop working on your item and mail it to the person who outed you. You will send the unfinishe item plus your victims information. They will complete it for you and send it on.
4. Your victim will not be your assasin.
5. The last person standing without being outed wins. A prize will be given. Usually this item is donated. Sometimes it is a large item, sometimes it is a smaller item. Just depends on what gets donated.
6. Alot of times, the host will pick a supplier that everyone will buy from. The supplier will generally donate the prize since they are getting the whole order.
It can be from yarn to patterns to needles or hooks..
7. A start date and time will be picked. The pattern will be uploaded at that specific time so all is fair.

So that is how it works.. Not sure if I really want to host it.. LOL Last one I hosted went very well, but it is alot of work. I am not sure if I am up to that right now. We did felted booga bags in the victims house choice. I chose Hufflepuff and got a fantastic felted bag. I gave it as a gift in the end.. Wishing now I had saved a picture of it.. LOL I was outed before I could finish mine.. LOL No pictures of that either. It was fun while it lasted though.. LOL

Anyway, I will let you all know if I do host it.. Maybe after the holidays..
Harry Potter Scarf Pattern
worsted weight red heart yarn colors used are:
Ranch red #0332 and gold #0321

Size 10 1/2 US needles or whatever size you like.
Gauge is not an issue with this scarf. You just go with the
size you like.

Cast on 25 loosely
row 1- knit across row
row 2- knit across row
row 3- *Knit 1, YO twice* repeating across row
row 4- *Knit 1, Drop both YO* repeating across row

I made mine so I had 5 sets then switched to the second color for 5 sets until I had it the length I wanted it.

I did 5 blocks of red and 4 blocks of gold. You are welcome to do a few more, but I do not like my scarves real long. And I added long fringe to make up some length.

Remember to cast off loosely.

For the fringe, I cut 5 strands of yarn for each tassel. Each strand was about 16 inches long.

That is all there is to it. Not a havey scarf, but really cute.. It is functional, just not for 20 below winters.. LOL

Now to find colors for each of the other houses in Harry Potter. I figure I might just as well have a matching set of scarves since this works up so fast and it is actually quite fun.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Here is the Harry Potter colored scarf I just finished. Sorry the pictures aren't that great.. LOL

It is a basic simple scarf pattern and if I can get the pattern instructions cleared to post from the owner, I will post it.

Here is the hemp necklace I made this summer. It is my favorite one. Took forever to figure out the pattern for it, but not bad for a first try..

This set of candles I made early this year. I sold the set and it got great reviews for the scent. I scented it with double dutch chocolate. YUMMY!!

Today is the day for packing and moving my sewing stuff to my new studio. Well, not really a studio. I have taken over DH's shop office and it is not going to be overrun with all my crafting supplies. Good way to get more room in the house and maybe I will actually be able to organize it and be able to find stuff.. LOL I come from a long line of pack rats, and I have certainly earned that title. I have more stuff than any one person should be allowed to have.. So this move will be good. A nice place to work. Best part is that I can keep an eye on Paul.. LOL Keep him in line.. Just kidding.. Not sure how I will like being there all day, but since he needs help in the office most days, I will be able to do that and sew or knit when I am not on the phone or doing billing.

Did I mention that the lighting will be awesome for sewing. I will be able to really get some good combinations in lighting like that. I will take pictures once I get set up.. Gotta go for now. Time to start packing..