Saturday, April 28, 2007

I just wanted to share this will all my Harry Potter loving friends.
This could really be a great project. I am hoping to find the time to help out. Not sure if I will, but the thought is there anyway.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is this not adorable! I really must find the pattern for it. I do remember that the back is shirred. Really neat. I am not much big on the really open back apron tops or halters (got some love handles to take care of) but this one is just to cute.

So.. today was really quite crappy. It rained almost all day. Was way to cold for my liking and to top it all off I ran my damn fuel tank out of heating fuel. I called and they will deliver tonight if I want to pay an extra $110.00 for night emergency service.. Yeah right.. I knew I was getting low, but I simply forgot to order it. LOL Whatcha gonna do... So, we will just wait until tomorrow. And the best part is.. It is supposed to be in the high 70's for the rest of the week.. It was actually 44 today at its warmest. I think it is 41 out there right now. To cold!!!

I really wanted to get more accomplished today, but it was just a lazy day at the office. I did get the billing done. I also mopped the floors since the boys cannot seem to remember to stomp off their boots before storming across the office tracking it all in.. I think I am going to buy them shock collars. Everytime they irk me I am going to give them a good zap! LOL Wonder if they make them big enough.. LOL.

I bought this book off ebay and I have to say.. It is really a great book. It has a ton of info. And the patterns are great too. Not real fond of having to rip them out, but I think I may just photocopy the pages and tape them together preserving the originals in the book.

I am hoping to get some sewing done tomorrow. I have 3 patchy sidepanel jeans ready to stitch together. Just got to get the ambition to get it done.. LOL

I am going to call it a night. I am really just to beat to keep my eyes open and it it only 8:45pm. Strange for me, but I know Paul and Nick will be calling to tell me all about the accident they went to. 2 semis i think. Not really sure, but they had to take both big wreckers out. State Patrol is refusing to release the vehicles yet, so they are just sitting there waiting to tow them to our impound lot. I will be lucky to hear the phone ring when they inevitably call. LOL If I don't answer, I will have both of them pounding on the door wondering what is going on.. Thankfully I wear jammies to bed. Which means I better get some sleep in.
Hugs, Lana

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Okay.. here goes. Does this item look familiar to anyone? This is what people are using to make ribbon key fobs. I really want to make some of these, but I also do not want to pay out the a** for them either. 90 cents is just a bit high for me. And I did bite the bullet and order 50 of them off ebay for $35.00. But again for personal use, it just seems like I could maybe get a better deal if I could find someone who manufactures them. Anyway, here is a picture I found off the web of some really cute fobs. Talk about neat.

Now aren't these cute! I want some... LOL

On a different note.. My have you grown Mr Harry Potter.. LOL

I almost passed out when I saw this picture. It just doesn't seem right that Harry Potter should be showing off like this.. LOL Okay Daniel is looking mighty grown up and the girls wanted me to post the darn picture, so there.. I posted it.. LOL

It is that time again. I am off to bed. Long day tomorrow. I have some major reading to do if I want to get my CDL with all the endorsements. So.. I have to start early to get myself ready to take the test on Friday.
Hugs, Lana

Here are my 2 newest Rasta tams.. Just thought I would share before heading out the door.. Make sure to keep reading the last post. Exciting news..
I just have to share my morning with you.
6:00am- got up and woke the kids up.
6:30am- Got Katie dressed and ready for school
6:45am- Got Macky up and ready for school
7:00am- kicked the older 2 girls out of the can (couldn't hold it anymore.. LOL)
7:15am- loaded kids into van and took to school
7:45am- got into passendger seat
7:50am- hoping to survive the next 20 minutes
7:55am- breathe... just remember to breathe!!
8:00am- pulled into DMV and felt major weight off my shoulders.. LOL
8:05am- walked into DMV and handed my daughter over to an instructor
8:10am- they left me behind to worry
8:15am- I went outside for air and saw them doing the safety check on the car
8:25am- They are driving past me back into the parking lot
8:33am- a bright flash of light nails me in the face
8:40am- I have a tearing up daughter who is flashing her newly processed DL card
8:50am- Pulled into the school and on my way for a cup of coffee
9:00am- Called about everyone I know to pass on the news.
9:05am- Have a cup of coffee in my hand and ready for a shower.
9:10am- in the shower/speed wash. LOL No time for the legs, but pits are a must. LOL
9:25am- logged on and updating all you on my morning.. LOL

So there you have it. Here she is.. My newest driving family member..

Now for the car, insurance, gas money.. Can you say--- TIME TO GET A JOB!!!!!

Have a great day!!!