Saturday, July 21, 2007

So.. how many of you stodd in line at midnight to get your copy of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows?

Yeah.. me too. LOL Got into a nasty verbal with an arse that thought it would be fun to pick on a group of 16/17 year old girls. Had one of them crying and it really pi**ed me off. I had the girls go in line in front of me. The guy was a jerk and kept spouting off. I of course lost my temper and insulted him horribly. It is a no wonder the arse was buying Stoufers for one.. LOL

But.. My faithful self made it home with my treasured book. I started reading it at 12:30am and at around 5am I must have dozed off at the table.. LOL I remember resting my head on the table to give my eyes a break and the next thing I knew it was 7:30am and I was just about to fall off my chair.. Decided it was bed time.. LOL Woke up at 9am and started reading again at 10am or so.. Lots of phone calls through the day.. I didn't want to be rude, but I really had to keep reading htat darn book.. Just plain had to.. I ended up turning my phones off so I wasn't interrupted. Unfortunately, I had to take some calls. I will just plead my case to those who I didn't pick up for. LOL Priorities you know.. LOL As you can see.. I am on the computer so that means.. You got it.. I finished the book already.. LOL

It was FANTASTIC!!! JK Rowling did a superb job on this series.. I honeslty did not put it down unless I absolutely had to.. Gripping and without spoiling it for anyone, i did predict alot of things. Like who would die, who wouldn't die, what hte horcuruxs were. Things like that. I didn't hit everything right on, but.. Close. And the back story was incredible.. Just like I predicted. You will be amazed at the book when you get to it if you choose to read it.

I also got a great package in the mail from my dear pal Libby. She made me 6 custom apron tops.. They are FANTASTIC!!! I love them all soooo much. And to top it off, they fit the sisters really well.. I will be wearing my favorite one tomorrow. Covers the giggly belly really well. LOL Not that I have a huge giggly belly, but it sure as heck isn't nice and flat like it is when I am dreaming.. LOL

I also got another box of bags.. I love it.. I will be starting another one tomorrow after I get the handles on my red and white one. Will have to make those all white.. Ran out of the red.. LOL Will post pictures when it is done..

I am off to bed now. I am really tired and just can't figure out why.. LOL You would think I was up all night reading or something.. snickering here.. LOL

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

As promised.. here is a picture of my newest recycled plastic bag Bag.. You can see my wound ball of yarn. I am using a Q hook. I am hoping to have enough to finish it with handles. How neat would that be..

Well.. I am off to read a spoiler epilogue for the last Harry Potter book.. Yeah.. Only a couple more days..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am a plastic bag cutting Mama.. LOL I think I have cut at least 5 thousand or more bags and tied them into yarn balls.. Sheesh.. it is alot of work. I just started another bag. This one I used white bags with red lettering. Really neat.. I love it. I think this will have to be my bag for sure. I am going to make big thick handles. I will be able to carry a ton of stuff in it. Thinking it will be my project bag. Well.. small project bag. I will post pictures of it in progress tomorrow. I don't have alot of "yarn" in this color, but should be able to get a pretty decent size bag out of what I do have. Handles will probably be solid white though. Just not enough to do it all. Unless of course I decide to just set it aside until I get more.. Might do that too.. Just not sure until I see how big it is when I run out.

I am off to bed now. Gotta get the kiddo up for summer school. Big German breakfast for German class in the morning. She is pretty excited about it. Should be fun.. I do have to confess that this is supposed to be summer vacation. No early mornings.. LOL Yeah right. Thankfully it is over on the 22nd. Good thing too. Since the new Harry Potter book comes out soon. I will need that day to hibernate to read it without interruption.. LOL

Night all!

Monday, July 16, 2007

WOw!! It has been a very busy couple weeks.. LOL I have gotten tons of stuff accomplished.

I got another box of bags a few days ago. Thank you for them. Not sure who they came from, but somewhere in Florida. I got a great amount of brown bags in this group. YEAH!! Don't have those around here.. LOL If anyone has any colored bags, I would be greatful for those..

Okay, so now I really have to confess. I am in love with crocheting bags.. LOL It is almost an obsession. Recycling feels really good. Especially when you can actually make something usable out of it. Not just something that will get thrown away after a few days..LOL I am hoping to get into painting jars or something, but I really suck at painting..

I am looking for an artist to draw me a business logo. I really do suck at drawing as well.. If you are an artist, please holler at me.. I could really use your help in designing one..

My friend Libby just made me 6 new tops.. I am sooooo excited to get them. I cannot wait for you all to see them. I promise to post pictures. They are just the most adorable.. LOL One is Tinkerbell.. Fantastic it is gonna be. Now I just need a new pair of pettipants.. Belled legs.. Will look fantastic with my new tops. Just gotta get up the ambition to get them cut out and made.. LOL

I have been going thru all my soap and candle molds. I really need to downsize. I just don't use most of them, so they gotta go. Make room for what I do use. Maybe a few more.. LOL Seriously. I really have to get stuff cleared out. My shop isn't big enough and I want to get it all out of the house and into my shop.. So I really do not have a choice.

Time to get crocheting. I am hosting a crochet a long. Gotta get mine done.. LOL