Saturday, January 31, 2009

These are so yummy.. Spiced Pear (type) dry oil perfume sprays. These double as a room spray. I also found these really cute mini spray bottles that I love. I am thinking of offering refills on these. Not sure yet. I am not sure if they would really be cost effective, but I do know that I refill mine. I think that you could clean out the bottle and fill it with other sprays to take along with you. But.. I listed these in my Etsy store if you wanna check them out. If you want a different scent, just drop me a line. I can make it up for you in no time..

UPDATE>> A gal who reads my blog saw these and bought me out. She is putting them in her shop. VERY COOL!! Thanks Debbie..

As soon as I can find more of it, I will order and make more to share..

i made up some perfume oils last night. They smell sooo yummy. I made a vanilla lace one that is just heavenly. I love vanilla everything. I am going to do some patchouli vanilla tonight. I am hoping to get my essential oils in on Monday. That would be great because I have Tuesday off so I can make up some of my essential oils. I love working with essential oils alot, so this is going to be a real treat.. LOL... Anyway. If you are interested in a perfume oil, just give me a shout. I have all kinds of fragrances and have access to just about anything.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I finally got these listed on Etsy. I have had them done forever, but never got around to taking pictures. I have about 50 more hats to list.. LOL I will be doing that this week hopefully..

I was a busy fool last night trying to catch up on orders. I made a ton of White Tea and Ginger Body Butter. I have an order for 40 8 ounce jars and 20 4 ounce jars of Amber Musk, White Tea and Ginger and Vanilla Lace.. I have the Amber Musk and the Green Tea and Ginger done already. THANK GOD!! All I have left for today is the Vanilla Lace. I listed all the extras on Etsy last night, so if anyone wants some, just click on my store. It is really yummy.

I already have the Nag Champa finished. The Patchouli is done and all the extras are up as well. The sandalwood is dreamy. The is a must for anyone who likes patchouli. If you like fruity, my pearberry apple is devine...

I have some 2, 4, and 8 ounce jars left of most. I also got some foil sample packets to fill with small bits of left overs. i thought it would be nice to send some samples along with orders as a promo.. Kind of a pain to fill, but they are cool once done. You know those sample packets that you have to rip the top to get the sample shampoos out. That is what these are.. LOL

Just to clear up any misconceptions.. This is Body Butter.. Not a cream or lotion. It does NOT contain any water. This is made from pure oils. It is thick and super moisturizing. Meaning.. It does have a greasy feel to it. It dissipates relatively quickly, but if you are looking for a watery cream.. this is NOT for you.

I use my butters on my dry elbows and feet. I put a pair of cotton socks on before bed and by the time I get up my tootsies are sooosoooo soft.. Anyway. I am watching Titanic so I gotta get off here. Ship is taking off and I haven't had my coffee yet.. LOL