Saturday, November 18, 2006

Here is the requested picture of one of our tow trucks.. This was taken in the Butterfest parade this summer.. Notice the little bulldog hanging by the mirror.. Yes, Paul is driving and me stuck with the kids watching the parade and taking pictures..

Well, here is a picture of my ROY G BIV socks. These are my first multi color socks and I love them. But.. I will have to frog this one back for the beginning of the foot just after the heel.. I didn't carry my yarn loose enough, and it is very tight around the arch of my foot. Otherwise it is wonderful.. I cannot wait to get it done so I can start the second sock.. Thankfully I did not cut the ends real short, so I may be able to salvage the bits of stripeing.

And here is the first sock of the newest pair. They are very comfy, but a bit baggy on the top of the foot.. Will have to make notes on the pattern to decrease there and add increases back in at about the 2nd dark stripe after the heel. I just started the cast on for the second sock as you can see. I am a bit further along than what you see in the picture, but it was a slow knitting day today.. LOL


And would you please check out the lazy bums.. I can't believe it.. LOL

Here we have JJ the cat, Mia (My Yah), and Junior taking a well deserved break.

All nice and cozy on the couch..


Friday, November 17, 2006

Well, here is my latest creation. Isn't it adorable. This was crocheted with cotton thread. Took alot of effort since I am not used to crocheting with thread. Much prefer yarn. Something to hang on to.. LOL
The headband is crocheted around a strip of elastic so it will not fall off and fits wonderfully snug.
I made another outfit like this about 2 years ago and almost have the pattern matching. Amazing how that verigated stuff creates unique patterns. If I had the patience, I would make a sweater for mysel fout of it, but not only would I go broke with the cost of the thread, but I would probably be 70 years old before finishing it.. LOL..

Here is a picture of the cute pumpkins Brittni (my 16 yr old DD) made last year in fabrics and fashions class.. Aren't they cute...

I finished up on these "punkins" and "quash" (My 4 yr old DD has adapted these names for them). They were quite fun to make.. I thought they were mighty easy once I got the stitches down pat. All were free patterns from the web.
Well, that is enough sharing for this morning. I have got to grab a cappuccino before my brain explodes with all the phone calls. As I was doing this blog, 9 phone calls and every single one was either a telemarketer, a refinance your home, get new windows, participate in a survey, or get dish network today.. LOL Drives me absolutely nuts. I think I am going to get an answering service to screen my calls.. Would mom and my sisters love that.. Actually, my husband would love it even more.. Gotta go make that call...