Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am a bad bad bad blogger.. hahaha

It has been forever since I posted on here.  So much has happened that I couldn't even begin to start..  I am just going to start with current events.. :)

I started working in September.  That was a huge change for me as well as the kids.  It went very well in the beginning, however, my youngest daughter seemed to be having some really rough spells with me gone all the time.  So a few weeks ago, a decision was made and I ended my employment to be a stay at home mommy again.   I cannot say that I am unhappy with my choice.  I have always loved being involved with my childrens daily lives. 

It has also opened up time for me to get back into crafting which I love dearly.  I will be able to create new things for my etsy store as well as for my family.  I haven't made a batch of soap in months.  I am jonezin (spelling..hahaha) for some essential oil playing.   Just ordered a full supply yesterday.  Can't wait til it comes in on Friday.  So.. for your enjoyment... here are a few of the things I have made in the last 2 weeks...
Gold Ear/Head Warmer
Brown Ear/Head Warmer
Adult Crochet beanie
Crochet cotton kitchen set
Knit pumpkin Hat with leaf
Crochet slouchy beret/tam
child Crochet beanie

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