Saturday, April 07, 2012

Wow its been a long time..  I am back online again and didn't realize how much I had missed messing around on the computer.. hahaha

I have been working again..  I have been at O'Reilly Auto Parts for over a year now.  My unemployed days only lasted about 6 weeks when I was unfortunately forced back into the workforce.. sigh.. I really like being a stay at home mommy..  But it just isn't in the cards right now...

I really dislike my job... More like my boss...  He is a super nice person but the most irresponsible manager I have ever worked for.   His personal business and life interferes with his managerial duties more than not..  Drives me absolutely crazy... But its paying the bills for now...

I am thinking about going back into home daycare..  Seems that is going to be as close to a stay at home mom as I am going to be able to get and still pay my bills...sighing again..

anyway... I am off to get Easter eggs colored...  Gotta get ready for the Easter Bunny to come... lol

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